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Whatever Your Journey

Whatever Your Journey

Whatever Your Journey

Unplanned Pregnancy? We Can Help

If you are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy and do not feel you are ready to parent, you may wish to consider adoption. We will be happy to discuss all options related to the pregnancy with you. If you do choose adoption, our agency provides each birth mother with her own personal birth parent counselor who guides you through the journey. Most importantly, she can talk to you and listen to your feelings while going through the journey of adoption.

We would love to answer any of your questions about our program, and to assist you in making an adoption plan that will work for you.

You may contact the following offices:

Toll-Free: 855-940-4673

Reno and Northern Nevada: 775-825-4673

Las Vegas and Southern Nevada: 702-474-4673

If you would like more information, please:

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Our Birth Mother Services

The health and safety of mother and child is of the utmost importance. Your Birth Parent counselor will assist you in finding pre-natal care and arranging transportation to and from your appointments.

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Nevada law allows for appropriate and reasonable living expenses during your pregnancy and postpartum recovery. Your Birth Parent counselor will help you develop a budget to cover the approved expenses to assist you during your pregnancy and post-partum recovery.

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Nevada law allows for appropriate and reasonable living expenses during your pregnancy and post-partum recovery. We want you to feel safe and secure in your living situation and help provide shelter to you and your family. Your Birth Parent counselor will help you in determining the help you may need to assist with paying your rent during your pregnancy and post-partum recovery.

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We understand how important it is to take care of yourself during your pregnancy. Your Birth Parent counselor will help you with appropriate transportation needs during your pregnancy and post-partum recovery. This could include, but is not limited to, transportation to: Doctor, Medicaid, SNAP, etc. We pay for any moms Uber to our office to meet in confidential surroundings.

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Your Birth Parent Counselor will walk with you every step of the way on your adoption journey. She will meet with you one on one to help make the process as clear and easy as possible. She will assist you in making a plan of adoption that is special to you. The agency has a Birth Parent Support Group that meets regularly where you can talk with other Birth Parents who have made a plan of adoption. You may attend these meetings for as long as you would like.

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Books About Adoption:

Apply for SNAP – Nevada Division of Welfare & Supportive:

National Planned Parenthood Website:

Nevada Health Link:

Food Stamps – Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program:

Social Service – Clark County, Nevada:

Clark County, Nevada – Official Site:

Social Services Homepage – Washoe County, Nevada:

Washoe County, Nevada – Official Site:

The Rape Crisis Center Las Vegas:

Nevada State WIC – Home:

National Sexual Abuse Resource Center:

Nevada Department of Health and Human Services – Nevada:

National Domestic Abuse Hotline:

Answers to Common Questions

Why choose adoption?

The choice of adoption is a positive alternative to an unplanned pregnancy. An adoption decision can be difficult to make on your own. The agency will be there to provide support, information and pregnancy related counseling so you can make the best decision for you and your family.


Why Choose A Local Agency

Our agency has 3 local offices. Each local office has experienced adoption caseworker who will guide you throughout the entire adoption process. Your local adoption caseworker is important to be able to assist with community resources such as: Medicaid, SNAP, Doctor, Hospital, financial services and Transportation. Each adoption caseworker knows Nevada laws regarding adoption which prevents last minute complications.

Can I choose and meet the adoptive family?

YES! You have the option of selecting the adoptive family. Each family makes a picture profile, which is a mini-scrap book that tells you about their lives. All prospective adoptive families are extensively screened. They must complete a very in-depth home study investigation prior to be approved as potential adoptive parents.


If you wish, the adoptive family you’ve selected can come meet you before the baby is born. You can have as much or as little of a relationship with the adoptive family as you would like.

Will the agency help me with living and medical expenses?

The choice of adoption is always at no cost to the birth parent. Nevada law allows the agency to help with pregnancy related expenses and medical costs. If needed, the agency will assist you with your applications for Medicaid, SNAP and WIC. The portion of the medical expenses not covered by private insurance or by state funds will be provided by the adoptive family.


We understand how important it is for you to stay healthy and well taken care of during your pregnancy. Your case worker will be available to assist you with all medical appointments, transportation and pregnancy related expenses.

Will I have to find my own attorney to sign my relinquishment documents?

The agency believes that all birth parents should have their own legal counsel when placing their child for adoption. We will help you find an attorney who can answer all your questions, review all your relinquishment paperwork and documents, and counsel you making sure adoption is the right choice for you and your child. 

Can I have an Open Adoption?

Adoption is a shared gift of love between two families. Ongoing correspondence is definitely an option for you as a birth parent. Openness in adoption is a continuum and no single arrangement is right for everyone. Your assigned caseworker will discuss with you Semi-Open, Open or Closed adoptions.

Can I meet with an agency representative to discuss my options in a confidential setting?

We have local offices in Reno and Las Vegas and caseworker available in all other areas of Nevada. Our agency staff is always willing to discuss any adoption related issues with you at a location of your choice. All communication is confidential by law and practice.

What rights does a Birth Father have in an adoption plan?

Birth Father’s have legal rights and responsibilities pertaining to adoption in Nevada. Our agency staff is always willing to discuss any adoption related issues with you at a location of your choice. All communication is confidential by law and practice.

Unplanned Pregnancy Next Steps

From your first contact with Adoption Choices of Nevada, we’re here to help you with prenatal care, adoption planning, selecting a family, delivery support and all steps in between.

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Our Waiting Families

We carefully screen and background check all of our potential adoptive families, so you can focus on selecting the situation that’s right for you.

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Birth Mother Stories

“Even the way the Adoption Choices staff talked about adoption was supportive of my choices, I was making a plan for my child, not giving him up.” – Jessica R.

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Thank You Notes

CJ & David

We adopted both of our boys with the help of Adoption Choices.  The staff is amazing and made the entire process very easy, they truly care about their clients.

Melissa & Rich

Maire empathetically and patiently listened to and help communicate all of our hopes and requests of the birth and post birth process. We felt she was really there to support us as much as the birth mom. And we loved how supportive she was to our birth mom! “Grateful” doesn’t even seem big enough to encompass how we feel about our interactions with Adoption Choices of Nevada Reno. Coming from an 8 year infertility struggle, we were a bit nervous to embark on another unknown journey toward building our family. Lainie, Faith and Maire were always patient, supportive and empathetic as they listened, answered our questions and provided invaluable insights. Overall, they treat us and your birth parents with unwavering kindness. It was a beautiful journey with a very happy ending!

Mike & Heather

Lainie and Maire were amazing to work with! The years of experience you all have in this business is priceless! Thanks to Faith for all your help during the post-placement process! You guys really are the real deal and we are eternally grateful for your passion, expertise and service to us, our birth mom and our sweet baby girl.

Michelle & Erik

Our favorite thing was the relationship we built with the social workers. It was a great experience working with them overall. We’re recommending your agency to others interested in adoption as well.

Todd & Michelle

We feel that Lainie was extremely helpful and supportive throughout our adoption process. Adoption is a nerve-wracking experience, but Lainie helped us tremendously throughout the process. We were thoroughly satisfied with the services provided

David & Kym

Even though we had a very positive experience with our birth parents, they chose to parent. Through the entire rollercoaster of ups and downs and all that our adoption entailed, Lainie was kind, supportive and professional. She was empathetic without being fake. We are forever changed (in a good way) from our month in Reno. We are so blessed that even in the middle of the 72 hours we had a loving cradle care worker, an amazing adoption worker, and the people in Reno were kind and supportive as well. For us, what could have been bad was good, because you all were willing to look for the positive during a stressful time. We are forever grateful that we were in Reno to become Tyler’s family. He is a blessing and truly a gift. Lainie and Maire were willing to work with us each step of the way. They listened and valued who we are. Both were willing to go beyond conventional for us.

Jessica & Matt

This was our second domestic adoption and we couldn’t be more thrilled, impressed or appreciative of all Adoption Choices did for us and our birthmother. We were kept informed every step of the way and Lainie couldn’t have been kinder or more accessible. Truly we couldn’t be happier. Our experience was night and day as compared to out first adoption. Lainie was fabulous and made this all flawless and easy.

Adoption Is A Shared Gift

Be a hero in your child’s life. We are here to help you every step of the way.

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