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10 Adoption FAQ for Birth Mothers 

By Chloe Taylor

Are you considering adoption but are unsure how to start the process? Adoption comes with tons of questions. Such as: how to put baby up for adoption? How can I find adoption agencies in Reno? How does the adoption process in Nevada work? It can make you unsure and worry about the unknowns. These frequently asked adoption questions are to provide you with information and limit your worries. Understanding adoption, its benefits, and how it might work for you is the first step in determining if it’s the right choice for you and your child. 

What Are the Benefits of Adoption?

As the birth mother, you may feel unprepared to raise a child. Adoption can be a loving and selfless decision to give your child a caring and loving environment with adoptive parents ready to raise kids. Depending on the type of adoption you choose, you can still have a relationship with your child without the responsibility of parenting. 

What Are the Different Types of Adoptions?

Adoption comes with many decisions including the types of communication post-placement. Open adoption, currently the most common and preferred option, allows for the birth parent to have open communication with the child and the adoptive family. All parties know each other’s contact information. Closed adoptions have no communication between the birth parent, the child, and the adoptive family. They do not have each other’s contact information. For those less sure about cutting off contact or having too much contact, there are semi-open adoptions. These can vary depending on the needs of the child and birth parent. But they usually have a mediator such as an adoption agency communicate between the birth parent and the adoptive family and child. 

Will I Be Able to Receive Financial and Medical Support Through Adoption Choices of Nevada?

At Adoption Choices of Nevada, birth mothers have the opportunity to receive not only medical support but also financial support. Certain situations such as an unplanned pregnancy may present financial or medical concerns. We wish to help however we can as you go through this process. 

Does Adoption Choices of Nevada Provide Healing Support?

Throughout the entire adoption process, you will have a birth parent counselor walking through it with you. They will help answer your questions, guide you through each step, and give you advice based on your situation. At Adoption Choices of Nevada, we help you find birth-parent support groups. These can be beneficial because you can meet and talk with fellow birth parents going through similar situations. You can make deep and closer connections to help you in your healing process.

How Do I Place My Child For Adoption?

Choosing and then meeting with an adoption agency is the first step. There are many adoption agencies in Nevada all ready to support you. From there you can create your adoption plan by choosing an adoption type and an adoption family. 

How Should I Choose an Adoptive Family?

After deciding adoption is right for you, you can view potential adoptive parents’ profiles. You are even able to meet with them and discuss the adoption process and post-placement contact with them. Meeting with them can help you feel more comfortable and relieve potential fears.

How Should I Prepare for Post-Placement Contact?

After choosing the adoption type that works best for you and the child, you can prepare for future contact. For open adoption, it may look like having in-person visits and phone calls. It can also be keeping up via social media or sending letters. With semi-open adoptions, you can receive pictures.

Will I Still Recieve Support After the Adoption Process?

With Adoption Choices of Nevada, you can receive ongoing support post-placement. Utililizing the resources available such as birth parent support groups and counseling can greatly help you in your healing process. 

Is Adoption the Right Choice For Me?

Adoption comes with many difficult decisions, deciding if it is the right choice for you will and can be hard. Our professional birth parent counselors can help you analyze your situation. 

Can I Change My Mind?

At any stage of the adoption process, you can change your mind. According to Nevada adoption laws, you have a 72-hour waiting time after birth before you can sign the consent form to finalize the adoption. This gives you a chance to rethink the decision after your baby is born. But once you sign the consent form, you terminate your parental rights.

Adoption Choices of Nevada, a non-profit and professionally licensed adoption agency is here for you. We are prepared and ready to give you advice and walk you through each step of the adoption process. Please reach out and schedule a free visit.