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Home Study: Post Placement Care

Post-placement reports and visits are a necessary step for domestic adoptions and most international adoptions. This will occur during the time the child is placed with their adoptive family, until the time the court finalizes the adoption of the child. In the state...

Animals and Home Studies

Pet Allergies Pet allergy is a reaction to proteins found in animal’s skin cells, urine or saliva. This can be triggered by dead flakes of skin (dander) as a pet sheds. Any furry creature can be a source of pet allergy, but allergies are most commonly associated with...

CJ & David

We adopted both of our boys with the help of Adoption Choices.  The staff is amazing and made the entire process very easy, they truly care about their clients.

Home Study 101

Preparing for a new family member is an exciting time for families who choose the route of adoption. There are applications to complete, interviews to undergo, and information to learn before, during and after the completion of the adoption process. The early stages...

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