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3 Reasons a Woman Should Choose Adoption

By Veronica Wiley

The journey through pregnancy can incite a lot of thought regarding the child’s future. One of these considerations may be adoption in Nevada, full of hope for happiness and success. But as a mother, you may be wondering how to ensure that this will be the outcome. How can you ensure that these hopes will be fulfilled for the child?  Adoption Choices of Nevada knows that adoption is a choice driven by selfless love. We know you have a strong desire to do what’s best for the child and yourself. As a private adoption agency, we also know that understanding the reasons behind this choice will empower you. It will empower you to take this journey with confidence. That’s why we’re sharing the reasons why women choose adoption. We’ll also be discussing how it can provide peace and comfort for you and the child.

Reasons Why Women Choose Adoption

An unplanned pregnancy causes many women to re-evaluate their plans for the future. And for a good reason, too. You have a little life inside of you now, and you must consider the big changes that will bring. Among the many choices you have for your pregnancy, pregnant adoption is one. Here are a few reasons why many women are choosing adoption in Nevada.

  • Life goals: Your goals are important! An unplanned pregnancy doesn’t mean you have to give up your life goals. Adoption can provide the freedom you need to continue to achieve your goals. It can also provide a way for the child to achieve theirs. Whether you have college in mind or are on the brink of a career milestone, life doesn’t have to halt. 
  • Hope for the child’s future: Some women find themselves in a life situation where they don’t feel they have the support to raise a child. This could be emotional, financial, time, or even environmental. Choosing adoption means giving the child a different experience.
  • Not in a place to raise a child: Some birth mothers are very young or have a lack of support or finances. You may have limited finances, are in school, have to work, and don’t have family to watch the baby. This can make raising a child incredibly difficult. Adoption means the child will have support and family available to support them. 

How Do I Know the Child is Doing Well

If you are looking into adoption agencies, you have your child’s best interest first. You may be a little nervous about what will happen post-placement.  Adoption Choices of Nevada keeps you involved in every step of the adoption process. Really, you run the show, and we enforce your decisions via your adoption plan. One of the decisions we’ll ask you to make is the type of adoption you’d like. You might choose:

  • Open adoption
  • Semi-open adoption
  • Closed adoption

Open adoption is gaining popularity due to the open communication it provides between parties involved in the adoption process. This open line of communication provides birth mothers comfort in knowing how their child is doing. Through open adoption, you and the adoptive parents can:

  • Share photos 
  • Arrange video chats with the child
  • Plan visits
  • Write letters or emails
  • Celebrate holidays or special occasions
  • Participate in milestones
  • Whatever you collaborate with each other

Even if you don’t choose open adoption, Adoption Choices of Nevada can work to facilitate communication with the adoptive family.

How Can Adoption Offer a Loving and Stable Home

Adoption is a powerful way for a birth mother to demonstrate her love for her child. You are making a brave, selfless decision to put your child’s needs first. You carry the baby in your womb throughout the pregnancy and carefully evaluate potential families. But even so, you may wonder how you can be sure the child will be happy. Aside from facilitating communication, here are some other benefits of adoption to consider.

  • Two Parents: This isn’t a rule, but many families looking to adopt are two-parent families. This comes in many forms, but having two parents means one is usually around for support. This could be an ear to listen to, rides to soccer games, or counseling through milestones. Two parents can also demonstrate a successful family model. They can provide balanced views on subjects as the child grows. Two parents also normally means more stable finances.
  • Supportive family environment: Studies show that adopted children are highly successful in achieving their goals. These could be educational or extracurricular. These same studies show that this is largely because of the supportive family model. When a child is adopted, it often isn’t just the “adoptive family” looking forward to welcoming the baby. Grandparents, aunts, uncles, and siblings are included. And they’re all rooting for the child’s success in whatever they put their mind to. When a child is believed in, they are more likely to succeed.
  • Financial stability: This was mentioned briefly before, but adoptive families offer financial stability. This may be because there are often two parents involved in raising the child. But, not all adoptive families are two-parent families.  Adoption Choices of Nevada screens all our prospective adoptive families before we provide you with their profiles. One of the topics we cover in the screening process is making sure they can support a child. You can rest easy knowing that the baby is going to a family who can financially provide for their needs.

Private Adoption in Nevada

We understand that adoption is a profoundly personal choice steered by love. You desire the best for the child and also have to consider what’s best for you. If you are considering adoption in Nevada and would like more information, contact Adoption Choices of Nevada here. We can discuss your pregnancy options and answer any questions you may have, including how to put a child up for adoption