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4 Amazing Benefits of Becoming a Surrogate

4 Amazing Benefits of Becoming a Surrogate

Imagine being out with your best friend, drinking a mochaccino at your favorite coffee shop. It is a time-old tradition for the two of you to meet there and share what is new in each other’s life. Suddenly, she tells you how she and her husband have been trying to conceive for a good amount of time but have been unable to carry a pregnancy to full term. She turns to you and asks you if you would consider becoming a surrogate (also known as a gestational carrier) for her. What should you do?

Consider that there are many benefits to becoming a gestational carrier. Overall, many gestational carriers experience a deep sense of personal satisfaction in knowing that they were able to help another fulfill their dream of becoming a parent. There is nothing more rewarding than helping others reach this goal, imagine being able to help your best friend, brother, or even a same-sex couple who are unable to carry a child of their own.

We at Adoption and Surrogacy Choices of Nevada care about you and want to show you how you can benefit from this wonderful journey.

1. Family and Friends can Carry

A  benefit of becoming a gestational carrieris the ability to help a loved one start a family of their own. The amount of trust that comes from making this type of decision is unimaginable. It takes someone special to carry a child for another, and the bond that is formed between you and your loved one would be life-changing. Keep in mind that if you choose to give that friend or family member this incredible gift, you will need to undergo a screening process to make sure that you are of sound mind and health.

2. You will be able to Experience Pregnancy Again

For those of you who love being pregnant, becoming a gestational carrier can help you relive it all over again. You will be able to experience that wonderful feeling you get every time you look down at your belly and know that child growing inside you will grow up with a loving and caring family, all thanks to you.

You will also be getting all sorts of attention during your pregnancy is also a huge plus. People will be willing to help you out and tell you what a glowing goddess you are! Sex can also be great during this time, as you no longer have to worry about pregnancy and to just enjoy the raw passion of it is a great feeling.

3. You can Help Infertile Couples, Same Sex Couples or even Single People become Parents

The fact that you are willing to put your body through a significant amount of change to help others speaks volumes about the person you are. One of the beauties of gestational surrogacy is that it welcomes all. It is open for both men and women, married or single, young or old and those who are members of the LGBT+ and transracial communities. If a man, woman or same sex couple or individual wishes to become parents, you can be the one to make this happen for them. You would be the one to help them have a child that would have a genetic link to them.

4. Long-Lasting Friendships

The bond that would form between you and the intended parent can last a lifetime! The journey you would be taking with them is a life-changing one. This is a relationship based on trust, mutual respect and understanding. An intended parent is someone so grateful for all the time and energy you are willing to put in, he or she will be there for you every step of the way. They will want to make sure you are taking care of yourself and try to support you in any way you can.

Note for Surrogates

There are many reasons for you to consider becoming a gestational carrier, however, this is something that has to come from you. Think long and hard about this decision, because it is one that can change your life significantly. Try to weigh the pros and cons of your choice and always remember to do extensive research on your behalf.

Just know that if this is something that you wish to follow through, you will not be alone. As a gestational carrier, you will be a part of a very loving and supportive community. This community will be composed of the intended parents, your friends, and family, your caseworker and even the women who have gone through this before.

There are many factors involved in this choice and not everyone that goes through this experience the same thing. However, one thing is certain this is an incredibly rewarding experience that will fill your life with joy and a deep sense of personal satisfaction.

Remember that this is a big decision and it is one that you must make while being of sound mind and health.

Stay positive and take care of yourself!

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