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4 Ways to Know if You’re Ready to Become a Surrogate

4 Ways to Know if You’re Ready to Become a Surrogate

Have you been thinking about surrogacy but not sure if you are really ready to become a surrogate mother? Surrogacy is a wonderful way of letting others experience the joy of raising a child of their own. As a surrogate, it is important to know what to expect through this journey. You have to meet all of the agency requirements, have a strong support network, and commit to the process. A woman choosing to become a surrogate will want to give the gift of raising a child to others. But would you make a good surrogate? Adoption and Surrogacy Choices of Nevada is here to tell you four ways to know if you are ready to become a surrogate. 

  • You meet agency requirements

There are base guidelines that agencies are required to follow, and they may add some additional guidelines of their own. Some of these guidelines will include:

    • Health Guidelines: To be a surrogate mother, you will need to undergo a medical screening. To pass, you must be alcohol and drug-free, have given birth before with no complications, and have a healthy BMI.
    • Emotional Guidelines: The surrogacy process can be emotionally challenging, and it is therefore important that you undergo a psychological screening to ensure that you are emotionally ready to partake in this journey. 
    • Legal Guidelines: You must legally meet certain requirements to be eligible to become a surrogate mother. This can include being of an age that ensures you are physically safe to go through pregnancy and being a permanent legal resident of the United States. Make sure to check your state’s requirements.

It is important to make sure that you meet all of your agency’s requirements before you think about going any further with surrogacy. These guidelines are very important for protecting the surrogate mother as well as the family and baby. They, therefore, must be followed. There are no leniencies when it comes to these guidelines, so make sure you meet them before you spend too much time and effort on the process.

  • You have a support system

The pregnancy process can be very taxing both physically and mentally. It is important that the surrogate mother has a strong support network. A support person would provide both emotional support and accompany her on clinic visits and other things she might need.  If you have a spouse, it is essential that they are there to support you. And if you do not have a spouse or significant other, look to other friends and family members. Having a great support network is not only important for prenatal care but for postnatal recovery as well.

  • You are ready to commit to the surrogacy process

Committing to being a surrogate means committing a year of your life or more. It is essential to the surrogacy process and knows what will be expected of you throughout this journey. Since you are going through a pregnancy, you will experience changes in your daily routine. You may feel more tired, and you will have to attend regular doctor’s appointments. You may not be able to tend to your friends, family, and home as you normally would.

  • You are in it for the right reasons

If you are considering surrogacy, you should be in it for the right reasons. Although the financial compensation of surrogacy can be a draw-in, it should not be the main reason you choose to embark on this journey. An ideal surrogate has a desire to help others build a family of their own. She would generally enjoy being pregnant and be comfortable with the changes that occur within her body during pregnancy. If you want to help a family grow by using your gift to give birth, surrogacy would be a great decision for you to make.

Are you ready to become a surrogate mother?

Do you meet agency requirements, have a support system, are you in it for the right reasons, and are ready to commit to the surrogacy process? With these four ways to know if you are ready to become a surrogate, we hope you can make an informed decision on if you would like to embark on this journey. If you decide to do so, know that you will bring the joy of parenthood to a deserving family. If you are ready to become a surrogate and wish to learn more, Adoption and Surrogacy Choices of Nevada is here. We can’t wait to meet you!

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