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5 Common Birth Mother Fears in Nevada 

5 Common Birth Mother Fears in Nevada 

Through the years we here at Adoption Choices of Nevada, we have met many birth mothers and have heard many fears about adoption. There is no easy way to talk about adoption or the adoption process or placing your baby for adoption without having those fears pop up. In fact, it is perfectly normal to get some sense of fear during the adoption process. You may never feel it, but you may find yourself in a sea of anxieties. 

You aren’t alone if you are facing them, though. We’ve listed the top # of fears that birth mothers have when going through the adoption process. 

The Adoptive Parents Won’t Follow Through 

This fear is less about the adoptive parents backing out of the adoption and more backing out of the post-placement plan. You are going to create a post-placement communication plan that will be how you want to continue speaking with the adoptive parents. Depending on your type of adoption, this can be anything from visitation to having no contact at all. 

There is no easy way to squish this fear, though. You have to trust that the adoptive family will want to increase the chances of a successful open adoption. Talk to the family you have chosen about why communication is important to you. But remember, just like everything, there is an ebb and flow. There will likely be points communication is rare and then points where it is like you are right there. We know it is easier said than done, but just go with the flow, and if you are truly worried, reach out. 

Your Birth Child Won’t Talk to You

While we can’t promise that your child will want to talk to you when you are older, we can say that often the adoptee doesn’t have resentment towards the birth mother. Children are often able to see the world in a way we, as adults, can’t. While they may not understand why you chose adoption at first, they can understand love. Love is why you are going through this process, and the best advice that can be given is to share their story with them in a positive light. 

Remember, you didn’t give your baby up for adoption. You chose love. 

The Adoptive Parents Won’t Love Your Child Enough 

Adoptive parents have huge hearts that are full of love to give. They went on this journey to find a part of their family. There could be a million reasons why someone would want to adopt, but it all leads back to love. Family isn’t just who you are blood-related to. It is who you choose. You get to choose who will be your baby’s parents or parent. You are going to get to know them, and you’ll see just how much they truly will love your baby. 

You won’t have to fear that your child will be without love. 

You’ll End Up with Parenting Responslibies 

One of the biggest reasons you went through the adoption process is became painting isn’t in the cards for you right now. Something that you know and even with open adoption, you are not going to have to take on parenteral responsibilities. Open adoption is not co-parenting. 

While you are going to have a line of communication with the adoptive parents, you are not responsible for parenting. That isn’t how it works. That is the adoptive parent’s job, not yours, after all. 

Maintaining Contact Makes Adoption Healing More Difficult 

Adoption is an emotionally draining journey that comes with a rollercoaster of emotions. These emotions are completely valid, and you are likely to feel a wide range of emotions. Everyone is going to respond differently to the process of adoption. No matter what, though, you are going to need time to heal from your choice in a way that makes sense for you. 

If you need time to heal and it takes longer than you thought, then just let the agency know. You have to heal at your own pace. Sadly, you can’t rush the process either. Some women take longer than others to heal, while some seem to bounce right back. The important thing to remember is that you have to prioritize yourself. 

Any Other Adoption Fears? 

If you are having any other fears that weren’t covered, then don’t hesitate to reach out to Adoption Choices of Nevada for answers. Our dedicated team of adoption caseworkers will do their best to help you find the answers to your fears. Adoption is an emotional process that can seem daunting but remember, you chose to love, and nothing can ever beat that choice. 

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