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5 Things Birth Mothers Want Nevada Adoptive Families to Know

5 Things Birth Mothers Want Nevada Adoptive Families to Know

Birth mothers are strong and selfless individuals who feel that the best choice for their child is to have a life that they cannot provide for, so they choose adoption. This choice stems from a place of love, just the same as the choice made by adoptive families to adopt a child.

If you are an adoptive family, it is important that you understand why birth mothers choose adoption. Adoption Choices of Nevada is here to tell you five things birth mothers want Nevada Adoptive Families to know.

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5 Things Birth Mothers Want Nevada Adoptive Families to Know

  1. I did not place my child up for adoption because he or she was unwanted
    I love my child. This love that allows me to put my child’s needs above my own and give them a life I am not able to give them at this point in my life. I chose to carry out a pregnancy and pursue adoption in Nevada for my child, even though I knew this choice would not come without its challenges.
  2. I’m rooting for the family you and my child will make
    I want my child to be happy and live a life filled with love from his or her adoptive parents. I put a lot of thought into making my choice to place my child up for adoption in Nevada. I would never try to disrupt my child’s life with his or her adoptive family. I want this life for my child. I will never stop loving my child, but I want a family full of never-ending love and support for my child, so he or she can have a stable and good life.
  3.  I want you to support me, and my choice without judgment
    I have faced enough judgment and criticism because I am pregnant with a child I am not able to raise. Some people look down on me and see me as giving up my child because I am irresponsible. Adoptive parents, please see me as a hero who is making the best choice she can for her child. Going through pregnancy and çreating an adoption plan is challenging. I need you to be on my side and support me as the birth mother of your child.
  4. Tell my child they are loved
    As adoptive parents, I want you to love my child and never stop telling him or her that they are loved. I want you to raise my child with love and teach him or her good values so they can put love and kindness back out into the world. Remind my child that I love them. Just because I placed my child up for adoption does not mean I do not love him or her every day. I do not want my child ever to feel unloved by their adoptive parents or their birth mother, so remind them and show them how much they are always loved.
  5. I Trust You
    I put a lot of thought into choosing you to raise my child. I tirelessly looked through the profiles for adoptive parents in Nevada, and I chose you. I chose you for a reason. You have the values and standards I feel will help you raise and love my child. I know that you will give him or her a safe life full of wonderful experiences and adventures that I would not be able to give. Never worry about not being enough for my child because you are not biologically related to them. In my eyes, adoptive parents, you are my child’s family. I am entrusting my child’s future to you, and I know your love will be enough.

What do Birth Mothers want Nevada Adoptive Families to Know?

Birth mothers want adoptive families in Nevada to know that all of their decisions regarding their child’s adoption stem from love. Their child is not unwanted or unloved. Birth mothers make a selfless decision amid a difficult situation and choose adoption for their child because they want him or her to have a better life than they can provide.

Birth mothers root for the adoptive family of their child, and they want you to root for them, too. Birth mothers want their child to have a wonderful family, and they trust that you will be that family. Birth mothers want adoptive families to know that adoption is a process of love that comes from everyone involved so that a child has a chance at a beautiful life.

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