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5 Traits of a Mother

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, it is the perfect time to think about what makes a mother. Is it just being a parent? Just giving birth? That is debated by others. But at Adoption Choices of Nevada, we think that every woman who walks through our door is a mother. Be that birth mothers or adoptive mothers. Both are mothers in our eyes because they play a huge part in the adoption process.

What are the traits of a mother, though? What does it take to be a mother? What are the traits that every mother needs most?


Love is the highest trait on this list because it is the trait that makes a mother. Why is that? Shouldn’t every mother love their child? Well, yes, every mother should love their child unconditionally; yet, there is an unfortunate stigma that a birth mother couldn’t possibly love the child they are placing for adoption. This couldn’t be farther from the truth.

A birth mother loves her child so much that she wants him or her to have opportunities that she is unable to provide. The amount of love needed to determine this is something that can’t be measured. Making the choice to place a child for adoption is one of the hardest choices a mother can make, but it is one that is made out of love.

Love also speaks to every adoptive mother out there. The child(ren) she adopts is hers. No matter what. Different race, skin tone, culture – it doesn’t matter. A mother’s love knows no bounds, after all. She creates a special bond between her and her child that lasts a lifetime. DNA doesn’t make a family. Love does.


It is really hard to be patient when it’s crunch time and you needed to be out the door five minutes ago. Trust us. We know that patience is a virtue! However, this trait is second on our list because, as a mother, your patience is going to be tested. There will be good and bad days. Ups and downs.

You are going to practice this trait more than you think. From the constant questions of why to your child testing your boundaries. Remember, though, your son or daughter is learning about the world and what they can and can’t get away with. Having patience will help both of you navigate through these times.

Whenever you lose your patience – it’s ok. It will happen every now and again. Remember to breathe. Take a deep breath in and slowly let it go. Then, take on our next trait.


Learn to forgive your child for his or her mistakes and you with yours. Did your child break something you love? Did he or she make a mess that makes it seem like the world is ending? Did they push that boundary a little too far?

Remember, this is all natural. It is an essential part of your child growing up and learning right from wrong. It is hard to develop and mature without making mistakes in life. But the silver lining is that your child will learn and become stronger for it.

Don’t be afraid to teach your child forgiveness. If you make a mistake and know you are in the wrong, then teach them that a mistake isn’t the end of the world. Ask for forgiveness. This is a good developmental moment. It is teaching your child that mistakes don’t mean all love ends and that, while being upset happens, love is still there.

A Role Model 

This trait probably isn’t the first thing you think of when you think of traits. At first, we didn’t either, but it makes sense that it is on our list.

You are the first person your baby is going to really know. This means that, with all the time you get to spend with your baby, you are going to be their first role model. Children are like sponges and will copy your behaviors and patterns. You are going to be the one teaching your child right versus wrong. By setting a good example for how to handle the world, you are showing him or her that with a little patience and love they can conquer anything.

You are your child’s first teacher. This means you have to teach him or her how to be patient and loving, how to forgive when upset, and how to mess up.


Your child needs boundaries and structure. He or she needs to learn to respect you and see you as an authoritative figure. Thus, it’s important for you to establish healthy boundaries and enforce them accordingly.

Make sure you are consistent with what you are saying. That the rules don’t change from child to child. This will not only help you keep everything organized, but also keep everything consistent between siblings.

Boundaries help keep your children safe – even if they don’t see it this way. They will test you, which will require more patience and appropriate discipline. Yet, explaining why boundaries are in the place will help your child understand and respect your authority more.

Traits of a Mother

There are many traits of a mother out there. Far more than those we have listed here. Each one makes a mother unique to her child. This means you are going to learn how to be the best mother through your own mistakes. Maybe something you read in a book doesn’t work with your child. It is going to be a learning experience for both of you. No matter what, though, you are going to do this mother thing well.

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