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6 Amazing Benefits of Choosing a Transracial Adoption

Adoption Choices of Nevada specializes in all types of adoption. There are open and closed adoptions and transracial and single-parent adoptions, and each has its benefits. We do not champion one type of adoption over another. Instead, we empower you to pick the type of adoption that works best for you and your child. Transracial adoption is the adoption of a child from a different race, culture, or ethnic background than the adoptive parents. Transracial adoptions are more common than you probably think. Though there can be various challenges in a transracial adoption, there are just as many, if not more, benefits to transracial adoption. 

The Benefits of Transracial Adoption

  1. Diversity– transracial adoptions allow you to have more diversity in your child’s life. It is important to surround your child with people who look like them. You can do this by seeking out diverse schools, hairdressers, churches, and playgroups. Encouraging diversity and championing it will strengthen your child’s racial and cultural identity.
  1. Coping skills– racism and prejudice are inevitable, so it is important that you teach your child healthy coping skills when they are faced with these issues. Some of these coping skills can include being honest, asking questions, and being a leader. When your child asks you questions about their race or culture, you should be as honest as possible. If you do not know the answer to one of their questions, you can ask someone who shares the same race as your child or do your own research. If you choose to do your own research, make sure you are using reputable sources. Being a leader entails doing what is right, even if it is uncomfortable. If you see someone being bullied because of their race or culture, say something. Your child will see this and follow your example. 
  1. Open-mindedness- participating in a transracial adoption can lead to more open-mindedness for yourself and others, like your family members and friends. All of you can learn about your child’s culture and race. This will make your child feel more included. 
  1. Shattering stigmas– transracial adoption shatters some of the common misconceptions about transracial adoption. The best way to dismantle these stigmas is to talk to other transracial adoptees or participate in a transracial adoption yourself. 
  1. Early exposure– interacting with different races at an early age makes for more tolerant and open-minded adults. 
  2. Creating a family– the main goal of adoption is creating a family where the adopted child can be loved and cared for. Families are not always joined by blood. Family is the people who are there for you when you need them. 

Though this list is not conclusive, it can help you navigate through a transracial adoption. Transracial adoptions are becoming more prevalent, so it is important that you are aware of them. If you have decided to place your baby for adoption, maybe you should consider the idea of a transracial adoption. As long as your child is cared for and loved, it should not matter how the people who adopt them look.

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