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By Adoption Choices of Nevada

Benefits of Open Adoption for Birth Mothers in Nevada

By Mary DeStefano

There used to be a time when almost all adoptions entailed the complete separation of a birth mother from her baby immediately after birth. Much has changed in the way adoptions are carried out, as most adoptions today are open adoptions. The benefits of open adoption can certainly explain why this option has become so popular among birth mothers and adoptive parents over the last few decades. They also show how open adoption is an empowering choice. Open adoption allows you to take full control of your adoption journey. 

By providing you with this list of the benefits of open adoption, Adoption Choices of Nevada can bring you one step closer to determining whether open adoption is right for you.

Relationship with Your Birth Child Doesn’t End in an Open Adoption

As a birth mother, you place your baby for adoption to offer the child an opportunity to live his or her best life. When you enter into an open adoption, you get to watch the child live that best life. You can look forward to a future in which you still have a relationship with your birth child. You don’t have to miss out on important milestones in the child’s life. By watching your birth child thrive with his or her adoptive family, you can be reassured that you made the right decision.    

Open Adoption Helps You Live the Life You Want to Live

Just as open adoption gives your birth child the opportunity to thrive, it also allows you to get back on your feet and continue living the life that is best for you. Other types of adoption can involve less contact with the adoptive family and child. Open adoption may provide you with enough contact to help you move on with your life. When you know how your child is doing, you can spend less time worrying about his or her well-being. You can then spend more time achieving your goals. 

You can have a Relationship with the Adoptive Family in an Open Adoption

One of the most significant and surprising things you can gain through open adoption is an amazing relationship with the adoptive family. From the first time you meet, they accompany you on your adoption journey as they embark on their own adoption journey. This gives both of you a great opportunity to work as a team and even as a support system for each other. Building a strong foundation early on is important. This can giv e you the opportunity to look forward to a fulfilling relationship.  

Open Adoption Helps You Overcome Doubts

A reason why a pregnant woman might be hesitant to pursue adoption in the first place is the uncertainty that can come with placing a child for adoption. However, open adoption can remove some of this uncertainty. You and the adoptive family will have the chance to get to know each other before placement occurs. Regularly exchanging updates on each other’s lives can also clear doubts you may have after the adoption is finalized. 

Open adoption can also provide your birth child with some clarity and peace of mind over his or her birth parentage. It puts you in a position to explain to the child that you placed them for adoption out of love. This can relieve you from feelings of guilt or fear over your birth child feeling abandoned. 

Open Adoption Facilitates Communicating Important Information 

Another benefit of open adoption is that it creates a channel of communication. This makes it possible to pass along important information to the adoptive family in a smooth and direct way. It’s possinle that you or a close relative is diagnosed with a medical condition. You may need to communicate that information to the adoptive family in case your birth child is at risk for developing that condition. This is just one of the many examples of how open adoption can be beneficial to your child’s well-being.

It might also be important to you that you are able to pass on information to your birth child about his or her cultural heritage if it differs from the adoptive family’s. This can help the child have a stronger sense of identity. It can also reassure you that your culture will be passed on.

Open Adoption can Ease the Grieving and Healing Process

Knowing that you will be reunited with your birth child can make it easier for you in the longrun. You will be able to cope with any grief you experience throughout your adoption journey. When letting go of a child does not seem so final, the sense of loss might not be as strong. Being included in the child’s life can make you feel less isolated as you are embraced by the adoptive family. The adoptive family can be a valuable addition to your support network. 

Do You See Yourself Benefiting from Open Adoption?

If you seek an option that will allow you to fully control your adoption process from beginning to end, then you can benefit tremendously from entering into an open adoption. You will have the full support of Adoption Choices of Nevada every step of the way since it is our mission to ensure that you get the most out of your adoption experience. 

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