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7 Ways to Communicate in an Open Adoption in Nevada

By Mary DeStefano

When you enter into an open adoption, you get to look forward to building a relationship with your birth child and the adoptive family you selected for them. Direct communication is central to open adoption, especially if the pregnancy was unplanned and causes you concern. It serves as a bridge between you, the adoptive family, and your birth child. Maintaining that communication is key to having a fulfilling relationship with your birth child and their adoptive family. Setting and respecting each other’s boundaries are equally important to consistency in communication. This can aid in avoiding conflict in the roles you play in your birth child’s life.

We want to help you

Adoption Choices of Nevada in Reno wants you to be able to successfully communicate with your birth child and the adoptive family you have chosen for them. That’s why we put together this list of ways to communicate in an open adoption in Nevada. This can help give you some ideas on how to stay in touch as a birth mother.

Exchanging Letters and Emails

Exchanging letters and emails with the adoptive family and your birth child is a great way to keep each other updated about your respective lives. In the early days of your life as a birth mother, you might find writing to be therapeutic. As you collect letters over time, you can revisit them. This may help you see how your relationship with your birth child and the adoptive family has evolved and blossomed over the years. These letters tell the story of your life as a birth mother that did not come to an end once you left the hospital.

Sharing Photos with Each Other

Photos complement any letters or emails shared between you and the adoptive family. They can also communicate so much on their own. The photos you receive from your birth child can give you a glimpse into their daily life. Seeing how joyful they are with the adoptive family you carefully selected for them can reassure you that you made the best decision for them.

Sending Gifts through the Mail

Since you exchange contact information with the adoptive family, a fun way to connect is to mail each other gifts. Whether it’s for birthdays, holidays, or even just a nice surprise, it can be a thoughtful gesture. Sending your birth child gifts can also make them feel special and not forgotten.

Another way to show your appreciation to the adoptive family is by ordering food for them or signing them up for a food delivery service shortly after placement. Taking care of a newborn is exhausting and time-consuming. Finding the time to cook a meal can be very difficult. This simple way of helping them can mean so much to them and make their lives a little easier.

Keeping in Touch through Texting

Texting with the adoptive family is a great way to communicate because of its flexibility. You might be too busy for an in-person visit or phone conversation. Sending a brief text to the adoptive family can be a good way to show that you are thinking of them. Texting might be preferred in the early days after placement as a way to ease into regularly communicating with them. This is especially helpful if talking to them directly feels a little awkward initially.

Using Social Media to Connect and Stay Updated

Social media can be an effective tool to stay up-to-date with what’s going on with your birth child and his or her adoptive family. It’s an easy way for you and the adoptive family to stay in touch with each other. This can be especially helpful if they live far away from you. When the child is old enough, social media can also serve as a way for them to connect with family members. This can help he or she can develop a relationship with them.

Making Phone or Video Calls

Finding the time to visit your birth child and their adoptive family can be difficult at times. It can be especially difficult if you do not live close to each other. Phone or video calls can ease some of that pressure while still allowing you to see and hear from each other. You might not be ready to meet with the adoptive family and your birth child yet. Speaking with them over the phone or via video chat might be less overwhelming for you.

Reuniting in Person

One of the things you get to look forward to in an open adoption is reuniting with your birth child in person. You might get together for birthdays and holidays. You might even see each other on a regular basis. Putting together an adoption plan is important. You and the adoptive family can work together to figure out how often you want to see each other in person. This ensures that you are on the same page as one another. Spending quality time with your birth child is important. It’s equally important that you and the adoptive family respect each other’s time and space.

Which Ways to Communicate in an Open Adoption Appeal to You?

As with any kind of relationship, communication is key to keeping your bonds strong and long-lasting. Finding ways to stay in touch that works for both you and the adoptive family can make your adoption experience so much more rewarding. You are also in a better position to take control of your adoption journey when you can successfully communicate, which is empowering.

If you feel drawn to all the possibilities that open adoption has to offer, reach out to Adoption Choices of Nevada so you can get started on your open adoption journey!

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