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Adjusting Back Into Life After Adoption

After placement, you may think to yourself ‘how do I adjust after I put my baby up for adoption?’ or ‘where do I go from here?’. Plenty of birth mothers struggle with life after placing their baby for a NV adoption and at Adoption Choices of Nevada, we’re here to help throughout the entire journey.

You may have all positive feelings and be completely at peace with your decision but there are still ways life after adoption can feel a bit different. Placing your child for adoption does not mean you won’t love or miss or worry about your baby. Don’t worry, there are healthy ways of handling the emotions that come post placements and ways to ease yourself back into everyday life.

Birth Mother Emotions After Adoption

Every birth mother handles post-placement differently. As individuals going through a very stressful event we all process things in our own ways and in our own time. After placing your baby you may feel sad, upset, angry, depressed, or numb even though you are completely happy with the decision you made. These feelings can be exacerbated by pregnancy hormones or other stressors not related to the Nevada adoption process. There is nothing wrong with having a mixture of feelings, especially negative ones. It does not mean you made the wrong choice. On the flip side, if you don’t experience any negative emotions it does not mean you don’t care or don’t love your child! Everyone’s process, emotional and mental, is individualistic. There is no roadmap for how a birth mother is going to feel after placement.

Dealing with emotions and mental exhaustion after a hard point in life can be extremely difficult. Seeking out individual therapy or group therapy with other birth mothers is a great place to find mental and emotional support. Establishing a great network of trusted friends or finding a professional that fits with what you need can help ease you back into normalcy while you learn healthy coping skills.

Positive Adoption Language in Nevada

When you place a child for adoption you don’t always think about what the conversation will look like later down the line. Not all women tell their families or anyone for the matter whereas other women have people in their lives supporting their decision. At some point, though, the subject can come up. Speaking positively about placing your child for adoption is not only a great way to normalize the process of adoption it’s a way to show the world you are confident and happy with your choice. Placing your child for adoption was the best option for both you and your child. There’s nothing wrong with taking pride in putting your child first. Good mothers are supposed to and for some women that means placing their child with a family who will love and raise their child as their own.

Not only is it beneficial to you as the birth mother’s positive adoption language is a must if you have an open or semi-open adoption plan. When your child is old enough to ask, you want them to be proud of their story. Though it may be a complicated one the choice to place them was made purely out of a mother’s love. Teaching them to speak and think positively about their NV adoption helps with their sense of self as they grow and will give them the foundation to talk about their family story if and when it is brought up by their peers.

Establishing Routines for Life After Adoption Process

Easing back into a normal routine is something that may take some time. You’ve been pregnant for nine months! It’s an adjustment for everyone and birth is not an easy task either. Your body and mind are on the path to healing. Your routine may look different every couple of months as you begin to re-emerge yourself into the life you had prior. Or, your life may look completely different post-pregnancy and placement. Whether you’re starting fresh or returning to a familiar setting, having a routine is a good way to keep yourself active, focused, and healthy.

It doesn’t have to be anything extreme and it isn’t meant to keep you from thinking of your child or what you just went through. It’s a way to help you continue on with everyday life while you process and move forward. Waking up at the same time every morning and taking a ten-minute walk could be your whole routine! Cater your routine to what will help you move forward.

Life After Adoption in Nevada

The adoption process is life-altering. You are making a selfless decision to ensure your child has a bright happy future. The strength it takes to walk this path should not be underestimated. Are you considering adoption but aren’t sure what life will look like after? Contact us at Adoption Choices of Nevada. We’re here to help in every way we can.

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