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By Adoption Choices of Nevada

Adoption After a Sexual Assault  

By Anna Keller

Are you looking into unwanted pregnancy options in the state of Nevada? If you were sexually assaulted and didn’t know what to do next, then you might feel angry. Or scared. You might be wondering if you should even carry your baby to term. You could also be worried about your health, along with the health of your baby. It makes a lot of sense to feel that way after an event as traumatic as sexual assault. Additionally, you may worry about what your baby represents. You might feel as though your baby embodies violence as a result of the assault.

However, you should remember that you still control the next steps of your situation. Creating an adoption plan is an admirable decision. You have no reason to be ashamed. It may feel tempting to internalize the violence that was inflicted upon you, but we urge you not to. This event was not yours, nor your baby’s, fault. It is important not to let something like this get in the way of what could be a beautiful experience. Even if you are not keeping your baby, there is still honor in what you are doing.  

Choosing Adoption in Las Vegas

If you are giving up a child for adoption, then you’ll want to know whether you’ll feel better once you start the adoption process. The truthful answer is that it varies from woman to woman. While some women instantly feel better, others have a lot of emotions to work through. Even if you do feel better immediately, you’ll still most likely sort through a lot. This is a very emotional time, but you are doing a good thing again. That is something to be proud of. Now you may be wondering how to get in touch with an agency.  

If you’re looking into adoption in Nevada, then Adoption Choices of Nevada may be the right fit for you. This is a local adoption agency that specializes in helping women who face unplanned pregnancy. For instance, if you live in Vegas, then your job will be to look into adoption in Las Vegas. You will be able to find out what rules apply, how to proceed with consent regarding the birth father, and more. What is important to know about adoption in Las Vegas is that you do not need the birth father’s consent to proceed if you were raped. In the eyes of the court, if he is deemed to be an unfit parent, then his consent is not necessary. Whether this was your partner (spouse or otherwise) or a stranger doesn’t matter. If he assaulted you, then you get to proceed with adoption on your own.  

How to Lean on Others During Your Adoption and Why It’s Okay 

But you won’t be on your own. You will be granted a space to properly process your trauma. You will also be given a plethora of resources available to support you throughout the process. The agency wants to see you grow emotionally through your pregnancy by helping you overcome adversity. The best part is, to connect, you do not have to immediately disclose whether you’ve been assaulted. Since that is personal information, you do not need to share that unless you want to. In fact, it is not relevant to whether you will be allowed to adopt out your baby.  

Additionally, you will have several different options as to which type of emotional support you will lean on. You can connect with someone, either virtually or in person, one on one. You can also join support groups for birth mothers. Engaging in a space that allows you to come forward about your trauma is a healthy way to cope with your feelings. You may even find that you learn something from one of the other birth mothers who has been through something similar.  

Why Being “Picky” When Choosing the Right Adoption for You is Okay 

On top of all this, you remain in control throughout the entire process. You can choose which type of adoption you want, depending on how in touch you want to stay with your child. Also, you have the final say in which family adopts your baby. You are allowed to be selective in terms of race, religion, sexuality, and more. We encourage you not to think of this practice as “discriminatory” or “picky.”

Rather, you are taking into consideration the preferred lifestyle for your kid. That lifestyle is absolutely allowed to mirror your own. If you were raised a certain way and would like to pass along those same traditions to your child, then find a family who can. Your role is to carry your baby to term as smoothly as you can and embrace the process. It will take a toll on you, as any emotionally demanding process will. But it is something to be proud of, and that is what matters most.  

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