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By Adoption Choices of Nevada

How Can a Nevada Adoption Agency Support Me After Adoption Placement?

By Isabelle Sitchon

Today, some expectant mothers facing an unplanned pregnancy find it difficult to have an outlet of support. Many might be going through a financial crisis. Others have responsibilities, like school or work, that can be time-consuming. They have to consider options for their unplanned pregnancy, weighing the pros and cons of each of them.

If you are a birth mother and considering adoption, it’s important to know that a Nevada adoption agency can guide you through the adoption process. Our agency will do its best to be someone you can rely on in your walk with adoption. For adoption in Nevada, we offer several support services to birth mothers looking to find a family for their baby. However, this journey doesn’t have to be something you face alone. In this short blog, Adoption Choices of Nevada will share a little more about how we help our birth mothers during and after their baby is placed with a family. 

How Adoption Agency Support can Help When Creating an Adoption Plan in Nevada

Making an adoption plan is one of the most important parts of an adoption process. This includes choosing how close you’d like to be with the adoptive family, selecting the family, how you would like the steps in your experience, your hospital/birth plan, etc. With our Nevada adoption agency, we’ll assign a caseworker to help you create the best plan for you and your baby. They’ll be there to guide you in your decision-making, including choosing the type of adoption and adoptive family. 

When you’ve selected an adoptive family for your child, you’ll be able to meet with them! It’s an opportunity for you to see if that family is the right fit for your baby. Your caseworker will be by your side when you’re making a set of questions to ask, alongside many other decisions you make in your adoption journey. However, you’ll have full control over the direction you want your experience to take. 

How Can Adoption Choices Help?

Our specialists are trained in helping birth mothers and adoptive parents in their prospective journeys. If you are seeking adoption in Las Vegas or any other location in Nevada, Here is a list of services we offer to our mothers.

Adoption Resources

  • Counseling. Going through an unplanned pregnancy and childbirth while making decisions for your baby’s future–you may feel overwhelmed and emotional afterward. If you feel this way as a birth mother, we offer counseling services during and after the adoption. We can help you process your emotions and find healthy ways to heal during this difficult time. 
  • Legal Processes. It’s important for a birth mother to know her rights in an adoption. Even when your adoption placement is finalized, more work must be done. Birth mothers have the right to consent to adoption. An adoption in Las Vegas or locations in Nevada will take place in court, where the mother can terminate her parental rights and transfer them to the respective adoptive parents. A legal consultant will be very important during this step in the process. Our adoption agency’s legal team will process the paperwork and documents needed for this to occur. Our birth mothers are always legally represented and are advocated for in court. 
  • Contact with Adoptive Family. No matter which type of adoption you choose in your plan, Adoption Choices of Nevada will work to set you up with an adoptive family you’d like. Your level of communication with the family will depend on the type of adoption you choose, however. Your caseworker will conduct background investigations on your family, help delegate communication between you and the adoptive family, set up post-placement visits, and more. 
  • Financial Aid, Housing and Transportation. Nevada law permits birth mothers to obtain aid for expenses in their adoption journey, including pregnancy expenses, medical care, doctor visits, housing, and transportation costs. If you are a birth mother seeking these types of services, our caseworker will discuss them with you in detail according to your current situation.

Getting Help In an Unplanned Pregnancy 

Placing your baby for adoption is a courageous and selfless decision to make. If you are going through an unplanned pregnancy or are thinking, “I want to put my child up for adoption,” we encourage you to reach out to us! You don’t have to be alone in your journey through adoption. Adoption Choices of Nevada has been providing adoption and surrogacy services across Nevada since 2012. You can call us to speak to someone now. Contact Us 24/7: 855-940-4673 (Toll-Free) | 702-474-4673 (Las Vegas) | 775-825-4673 (Reno) | 775-884-4673 (Carson City).