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By Adoption Choices of Nevada

Adoption Doesn’t End After Delivery: Steps to Finalize Adoption in Nevada

By Shamani Salahuddin 

When you are pregnant and considering adoption, it is important to understand every step of the adoption process. Many may think adoption ends when you give birth and your baby lives in their new home. 

However, specific steps must be completed for the adoption to be finalized, depending on your state. At Adoption Choices of Nevada, we are here to help you achieve the final parts of the adoption process. 

What is Adoption Finalization?

If you are in the process of giving your baby up for adoption, you are probably familiar with an adoption plan. You and your adoption specialist will create the adoption plan at the beginning of the adoption process

It is a common belief that the adoption is complete at the hospital right after delivery. But our adoption agency ensures there are post-placement steps for a smooth transition for the birth mother and adoptive parents. When the appropriate legal process is completed and the adoptive parents have custody, the adoption is finalized. This part of the adoption plan is to finish the adoption according to state laws.    

The Nevada Adoption Process

When deciding to give up a child for adoption in Nevada, we at Adoption Choices of Nevada want you to be confident in all your adoption options. Knowing your choices allows you to make decisions to have the best outcome for you and your baby. The first step in the adoption process is to meet with an adoption specialist to discuss all your unwanted pregnancy options. 

If you decide on adoption, you will have all the control while making your adoption plan. Your personalized adoption plan is for your needs, and we will support you in all your pregnancy adoption help. One of the decisions you must make is choosing the type of adoption you want. Other decisions made include the service you will need during pregnancy and the adoptive family you want for your child. After completing the steps within your adoption plan, the only thing to do is to finalize the adoption. 

Terminating Parental Rights

Knowing the state’s laws and regulations is essential if you are pregnant and considering adoption in Nevada. Our adoption specialists at Adoption Choices of Nevada are trained in Nevada law to answer any questions you may have. A legal process necessary to finalize adoption is giving the adoptive parents consent to adopt. 

You will sign a legal document to waive custody and consent for adoption, which you will discuss with your specialist. Nevada has a 72-hour waiting period before you can relinquish consent. During the waiting period, you should take time to think if giving your child up for adoption is the right choice for you. After you sign the consent to adopt, there is no going back. Your signature permits the adoptive parents to obtain legal custody of your baby. 

After the 72-hour hold, the adoptive parents you chose can take your baby home from the hospital or temporary placement. As a birth mother, you should always remember why you are adopting; you want a loving family for your baby. While the adoption process can be emotionally grueling, it is the best chance to ensure your child ends up in a caring and supportive home. 

Adoption Finalization Hearings

Another step necessary to complete the adoption process is the finalization hearing. A Nevada adoption can only be legally finalized in court once the child has lived with the adoptive family for at least six months. During this time, a social worker is assigned to visit the family to ensure the child’s home is healthy and happy. The hearings usually last less than an hour and are attended by the adopted child and their adoptive parents. The birth parents do not take part in the adoption hearing. 

Although these hearings are for the child and their adoptive parents, it is vital for the birth parents to know when the adoption is finalized. The purpose of the hearing is to complete the adoption process legally and for adoptive parents to take an oath to protect the child in a court of law. 

Being a birth mother facing an unplanned pregnancy, the adoption process can seem overwhelming. At Adoption Choices of Nevada, we want to give you all the information you need to make confident adoption decisions. 

We are here to help you throughout the journey from beginning to end. If you are considering adoption in Reno, contact one of our local Nevada agencies today regarding any questions about the adoption finalization process.