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Adoption During The Holidays: A Time For Joy or Grief? 

By Alexis Watson

When you think about Christmas, you might think about the screams of excitement from children as they open their gifts. For some birth mothers, this time of excitement could also be a time of affliction and sorrow.  Deciding on adoption for your unplanned pregnancy during the holidays can unmask a range of emotions, fears, and questions. Some birth mothers may experience intense feelings of guilt, mourning, and shame as they grapple with their decisions. Some may become withdrawn and begin to isolate. All of these responses are normal. It is imperative that birth parents identify these reactions when they happen and accept them as they are happening. Identifying and accepting these reactions provides birth parents with the opportunity to cope and heal in healthy ways. As the healing process looks different for everyone, our experts at Adoption Choices of Nevada are here to help. We provide counseling and emotional support and will connect you to our network of additional resources. 

The holidays are known for family gatherings and traditions such as traditional games, dishes, and clothing. Birth mothers who have decided on the adoption process might feel like they’re unable to pass on their family traditions. However, that is not the case. Our experts at Adoption Choices of Nevada educate birth mothers on ways they are able to pass along family traditions.

Information About Adoption, I’m Pregnant

Christmas is around the corner and you discover you are pregnant unexpectedly. Now what? Considering adoption during the holidays can be exhausting, but it doesn’t have to be. Your mind might plunge into panic when thinking about locating an adoption agency and the adoption process. You might rush to google to research things such as “adoption for my baby”, “Las Vegas adoption’ or ‘adopción de niños’.  You’ll wonder the difference between ‘private adoption in Reno’ versus ‘private adoption in Nevada’. What even is private adoption? Will an unplanned pregnancy limit the number of resources available or hinder adoption agencies from helping? We at Adoption Choices of Nevada assist birth parents with all planned or unplanned pregnancies. We will also guide the birth parent through the adoption process, selecting a family and their style of involvement. 

Adoption For The Holidays….A Time For Joy Or Grief? 

Moving forward with the adoption process can conjure up a lot of conflicting emotions. Those feelings might intensify as the holiday season settles in. Birth parents might experience feelings of guilt as they continue through with the adoption process. Feelings of shame and loss might weigh on their emotions as well. Being surrounded by family for the holidays brings feelings of happiness, warmth and security. However, for birth parents who are considering adoption, those joyful feelings might be masked with grief and sadness. These conflicting emotions can make the emotional management process difficult if they are not acknowledged and properly handled. Adoption Choices of Nevada will provide extensive emotional support and counseling to aid our birth parents during the healing process. 

Locating adoption agencies that fit your needs as the birth parents can be long and tiresome. Here at Adoption Choices of Nevada, we are a local and private adoption agency that provides support to birthing families. We will provide birthing parents with counseling and support during the adoption process. We are often met with the ‘how to put a child up for adoption?” question. Our experts will answer all questions surrounding adoption and the various types of adoption, such as open adoption. We will also help create an adoption plan and provide financial assistance for those in need. Adoption in Nevada allows birth families to feel comfortable and confident that their adoption needs are met. 

What Are Private Adoption Agencies? Is Private Adoption For Me?

A private adoption agency is an agency that caters to the needs of the birth parents. As a private adoption agency, we work closely with birthing parents to create an adoption plan that caters to their needs. Private adoption allows the birthing parents to be as involved as they desire to be. Birth parents can create an adoption plan, select the adoptive family and will have access to support. As a private adoption agency, we offer a bundle of adoption resources and emotional support. We want to help our birth parents manage emotions that might emerge while going through the adoption process

Are Family Holiday Traditions Lost During Adoption Or Passed Down?

Adoption is your choice and course of action for your unplanned pregnancy, but family traditions and celebrations creep into your mind. The hallowing feeling of loss looms as you question whether or not your child will experience those traditions. When considering adoption in Nevada, it’s important that you create and develop your adoption plan. Birth parents are encouraged to include all of their desires and wants within their adoption plan, including family traditions. Our agency, adoption Nevada, has staff available to assist birthing families in creating the adoption plan that best reflects them. If you want to include holiday traditions and important cultural dates, speak with one of our counselors. They will advise on the best method to do so. 

Your Local Adoption Agencies In Nevada Are Here To Help

Adoption can be seen as a frightening thing to consider, but the process is not as terrifying as it seems. We at  Adoption Choices of Nevada are here to walk you through the adoption process. You don’t have to go at it alone. Our dedicated team is available to answer questions, create an adoption plan unique to you, and connect you to resources. If you are ready to begin the adoption process, connect with us today. We are here to help.