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By Adoption Choices of Nevada

What Does Adoption Finalization Mean?

By Shannon Reilly

If you are in the position where you are considering adoption for unplanned pregnancy in Nevada, you have come to the right place. The information in this article will provide you with the steps of the adoption plan and the finalization of the adoption. Adoption agencies in Nevada include our very own adoption agency, Adoption Choices of Nevada

Adoption Process In Nevada

When it comes to placing your child up for adoption, you want to make sure things are done in a way that makes you the most comfortable and will have the best outcome for both yourself and the unborn child. In Nevada, the adoption process is pretty straightforward for adoption in reno as well as adoption in las vegas. First, you will need to contact us to schedule an initial meeting regarding your options for your unplanned pregnancy. Although our main goal as adoption agencies in Nevada is to place children up for adoption while also giving a family the blessing of a child, we will be here to discuss all of your options. Your main three options as a birth mother in Nevada are to raise the child, terminate the pregnancy, or place the child up for adoption. 

If you decide that adoption is the best option for you and the child, you will move on to creating your adoption plan. This includes what type of adoption you would like to move forward with, what kind of resources and assistance you will need during and after the pregnancy, and choosing the adoptive parents. 

After you have chosen what type of adoption you would like to proceed with as well as the adoptive parents, you will just simply wait for the birth of the child and the finalization of the adoption.

Adoption Finalization

This is the part of the adoption process where you will give your final consent through your signature on legal documents. This comes after the birth of the child and before the adoptive parents leave the hospital with the child to take them home. 

Once you have signed these legal documents, there is very little chance that you will legally have a chance of regaining custody of the child. 

Choosing the Type of Adoption

The first step in your adoption plan is to choose what type of adoption you would like to move forward within your adoption process. There are three main types of adoption in Las vegas and Reno. 

Open Adoption

This type of adoption is where there is direct contact between the birth mother or parents with the adoptive parents. This contact will become regular throughout the pregnancy and after the birth and finalization of an adoption. Personal information such as phone numbers, addresses, and social media will be shared between the birth parents and adoptive parents as well. 

Semi-Open Adoption

When it comes to this type of adoption, it meets in the middle of open and closed adoption. There is some contact between the birth parents and adoptive parents, but most likely through the agency during and after the birth and finalization of an adoption. There may be some personal information shared between both parties, but not to the extent of open adoption. 

Closed Adoption

This adoption type is where there is no contact at all between the birth parents and the adoptive parents during or after the pregnancy, birth, and finalization of the adoption. There is also no personal information shared between the two parties. 

Discussing Resources Needed

After choosing your type of adoption, you will begin discussing the type of financial assistance or support you will need throughout your pregnancy and maybe even for a little while after the birth. These resources will include help with things such as

  • Food and groceries
  • Bills
  • Safe housing
  • Finding medical care
  • Transportation to and from doctors appointments, your job, or even grocery shopping
  • Counseling

Choosing the Adoptive Parents

When you have made a plan for all of the resources needed throughout your pregnancy. You will move on to reviewing and choosing adoptive parents for your child. Your adoption caseworker will give you profiles to look over with information about each of the parents. This is where you will think about the type of life you would like your child to have.

Adoption Finalization and Contacting Adoption Choices of Nevada

If you are considering adoption or just need to speak with someone about your options, we are here for you. There are multiple ways to contact our agency, whether you would prefer to call or email us. Listed below are the phone numbers and email that will get you in contact with Adoption Choices of Nevada

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