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What Happens at the Hospital When Going Through Adoption in Nevada?

By Nicholas Rodinos

Giving a baby up for adoption can be stressful however, one way to cope is with a birth plan. The birth plan lists instructions, accommodations, and guests you would like during your delivery. This plan is designed to prepare you, the medical staff, your loved ones, and the adoptive parents. The birth plan or hospital plan can adapt as your needs and wants change. Adoption Choices of Nevada can help you make your adoption hospital birth plans while providing you with real choices for adoption.

Hospital Plans for Reno Adoption

Let’s start with the plan basics: provide your name, your doctor’s name, and all necessary contact information. List any health conditions or allergies you have and any medications you’re currently taking. If you want the birth father or your partner to attend, please list them and their contact information. If there are any family or loved ones you want to be there with you, list their contact information. Reno adoption agencies will explain all the necessary details of the birth plan and adoption in Nevada.

Minor Accommodations for Pregnant Women

Hospitals can feel terrifying, especially when you’re giving birth, that’s why they make special accommodations for pregnant women.

  • Music and Lighting: Many birth mothers find the noise of hospitals adds unnecessary stress to giving birth. Some birth mothers find silence in hospitals unnerving and want something to replace it. If you want, you can have calming music to help you through the labor process. Are the lights of the hospital too bright, we can have them dimmed for you. Do you want more light, we can provide that as well.
  • Personal Items: If there are any belongings you want with you, your family can provide them. Have a picture of a beloved relative you want to provide you with comfort and strength? Is there some lucky charm that gets you through everything? Do you have a collection that brings you joy in dark times? If you need it, someone can bring it for you.
  • Video/Pictures: If you want one of your loved ones can be in the room recording the birth of your child. These pictures or videos can help you cope with the loss of your child. Do you want the pictures or video to focus on only the baby?

Pain and Comfort During Labor

  • Pain: Doctors will provide you with pain relief during labor. Ask your doctor about all available pain relief options, so you can see which sounds best for you. Do you want nurses to provide pain management techniques? If you want, epidurals are available if you don’t want them, they’re still available if you change your mind.
  • Comfort: If there are any forms of comfort you need, don’t hesitate to list them. The nurses may be able to provide comfort measures including aromatherapy, specialized breathing techniques, calming beverages, and massages. If you need comfort from the nurses, don’t be afraid to make a note of it.

Delivery in the Reno Adoption Process

Do you want a mirror or screen so that you can view the baby’s position during your delivery?

  • Vaginal Delivery: If you want a vaginal delivery, what pushing positions do you want: laying down, squatting, or kneeling? Do you want an episiotomy, to avoid one at all costs, or only if it’s necessary?
  • C-Section: If a vaginal delivery isn’t feasible, the doctors may have to perform a Cesarean Section. The doctors will try to avoid this, but if they must, how can the medical team comfort you?

How Much Time Do You Want with Your Baby?

  • How much time do you want to spend with your baby? If you feel spending time can help you move on, that’s fine. Would you want videos or pictures taken of the delivery so that you have something to remember the baby? If spending time feels too painful, then you don’t have to. The only right answer is what’s right for you.
  • Do you want to name the baby? You can name the baby if you want to, maybe give them a meaningful name or a meaningless name. If you choose to name the baby, just know that the adoptive parents can legally change the baby’s name. It’s also perfectly normal if you don’t want to name the child, for fear of additional attachment. If you don’t want to name the child, your adoption coordinator can pick a name for you.
  • Do you want to hold your baby? Many birth mothers want to hold their babies after giving birth, as it might be their last time holding them. And many other birth mothers feel that holding their baby after giving birth might be too emotionally painful. Whatever you choose, you made the right choice, as that was what you felt was right at the time.
  • Do you want to breastfeed? It is perfectly normal to want to breastfeed and not want to breastfeed. Breastfeeding can be a form of maternal bonding with the child; however, it can be painful in adoption situations. Some birth mothers worry that by breastfeeding they may become more emotionally attached to their baby. However, there are other ways to breastfeed, you can pump the breast milk, so the baby can be bottle-fed. Many birth mothers pump their breast milk, so the adoptive parents can bottle-feed the child.

Real Choices For Adoption in Reno

This is the hardest part of the adoption process, as you are now giving up your child for adoption. After signing these papers, your birth mother rights are terminated, and the adoptive parents are now the legal parents. Your adoption coordinator will help you fill out the paperwork. The notary and witnesses will document the relinquishment. This is a difficult time for birth mothers, but your adoption coordinator and counselor will support you through it.

Leaving the Hospital and Post Adoption Support

After giving birth, do you want to stay in the maternity ward, or on another hospital floor? Reno adoption agencies will provide you with the necessary psychological counseling, to help you through your post-adoption distress. Your counselor will try to help you through every stage of your postpartum depression. It’s important to give yourself time to grieve and process what’s happened. Pregnancy adoption help also covers living expenses if you are not able to work.

The Importance of an Adoption Hospital Plan in Nevada

A hospital plan is a useful tool that conveys all your needs to the doctors, and your loved ones. The plan can change as much as you need it to or be reused for other pregnancies. Hospital plans are a great way to mentally prepare yourself for the labor process, and the adoption afterwards. The birth plan is there to alleviate stress before, during, and after the birth. Your adoption agency will try to explain and simplify birth plans and adoption in Nevada as much as possible.

Adoption Choices of Nevada can provide you with assistance with birth plans, and adoption plans. We are a licensed adoption agency with offices located across Nevada. We can provide the necessary living expenses and help you find a loving family for your baby.