Adoption in Reno: Everything You Need to Know about Birth Plans

By Jessica Exstrom

Maybe you just found out you’re pregnant. Your feelings are stressed, tensions are high, and you probably feel overwhelmed. Or, maybe the last nine months have been long and tough, full of challenges you never thought you’d have to face. Yet, you’ve exercised all your ideas on what to do after giving birth, and you’ve selflessly decided to pursue placing your baby for adoption. This huge decision is difficult, but we can help make it just a little easier for you and your baby.

Thankfully, Adoption Choices of Nevada is here to make your adoption process smooth and successful. There are so many things to do and decide when considering adoption. Whether you’re located in Reno or another area of Nevada, our services are extended to you involving finances, choosing a family, and creating a solid adoption plan, the focus of this article. There is absolutely no shame in choosing adoption nine months in advance or even last minute, as you are creating a wonderful opportunity for you and your baby. 

It All Starts with an Adoption Plan

The help our adoption agency offers extends beyond setting up a plan; It’s much deeper than that. We offer guidance in creating an adoption plan that helps you create a plan that’s best for your child. It also allows you the opportunity to have a say in some of the biggest decisions of your baby’s life. Placing your baby for adoption doesn’t have to be the most stressful event that it’s often made out to be if you utilize our services and take advantage of all the help we have to offer.

So, what does an adoption plan even look like? One of the first big decisions that need to be made is what type of adoption you will be pursuing. There are three types:

Open Adoption

This type of adoption involves regular contact between the birth mother and the baby. Planned meetings and ways of contact are decided between the birth mother and the adoptive parents.

Semi-Open Adoption

This adoption is an in-between of closed and open. With this option, regular contact with the child is less common and more of a situation of updates about the baby. 

Closed Adoption

A difficult choice, closed adoptions are no contact after the baby is given to the adoptive family. This option may best suit you if you feel you need to have no information about your baby.

Finances are the next big thing to navigate during an adoption. This will be covered more extensively in the next section, but there are several financial benefits for you if choosing adoption with us.

Finally, choosing an adoptive family is the last big step in this plan. Having a say in who your baby goes to after birth can offer closure and less stress after the birth. Our website displays prospective families for you to choose from, and we provide information to help you make your decision. This way, you can be involved in the rest of your baby’s life, regardless of what type of adoption you are pursuing.

Hospital Adoption Plan

The next scary part of adoption planning: The trip to the hospital. Fluorescent lights and interesting smells make the hospital sometimes intimidating and scary. Fortunately, you’ve chosen Adoption Choices of Nevada to assist you in your adoption process, and the hospital is an easy check off the list. We know giving birth can be scary, and we sympathize with the intense feelings you’ll experience during the birth process. In order to make this process more positive, having a plan in place for when the time finally can make your birth less stressful and more organized. 

A hospital plan is most crucial as it helps the agency you’re affiliated with know what you want at the time of your baby’s birth. Presence of the adoptive parents, whether you wish to allow visitors, and how much time you plan to spend with your child. Of course, you are able to take your time with your baby, though. Essentially, this plan keeps everyone up to date on everything that you want and need before, during, and after your baby’s delivery.

You are in Control of Your Adoption Plan!

For those who choose to use Adoption Choices of Nevada, creating an adoption plan and all of its services are free! In creating a plan, you have full access to our counseling services, medical/prenatal care, housing and transport assistance, and certain expenses that just come with being a pregnant person in Nevada.

Private adoption in Nevada is an option that many pregnant people don’t know a whole lot about. As shown previously, we provide top-notch care in the interest of you and your baby’s lives. Placing your baby for adoption is a serious life event that should be handled with care and compassion, exactly what you and your baby deserve. In Reno, we can help you feel confident in your choices and create the most successful adoption plan that will take care of both of you with ease. 

Adoption Choices of Nevada can Help You Create a Birth Plan that Works for You

We know you may feel overwhelmed or that you may feel completely on top of things. Regardless, our adoption agency can help you with the entire process with our wide range of services. We can help with your stress if you allow us the opportunity to work with you through your pregnancy or even after. Let’s create an adoption plan and a hospital plan together to make a positive experience out of your adoption and pregnancy. Utilize our financial and counseling, along with others, and create the best experience you can for the two of you.

Adoption doesn’t have to be scary. You aren’t giving up your child; You are providing an opportunity for your baby and for you too! It’s never too late to start planning, and we welcome you with open arms.

If you are pregnant and need more information about your birth plan, contact us or visit our website. Adoption Choices of Nevada has been providing adoption and surrogacy services across Nevada since 2012. You can call us to speak to someone now. Contact Us 24/7: 855-940-4673 (Toll-Free) | 702-474-4673 (Las Vegas) | 775-825-4673 (Reno)