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Adoption Maternity Leave in Nevada

Adoption Maternity Leave in Nevada

Sometimes it feels as if everyone is busy doing everything all the time. Especially during pregnancy, you may wonder how you’ll even carve out time from work and other responsibilities to take care of yourself during pregnancy, perhaps take an adoption maternity leave. You might be wondering about the adoptive family. Will they have time to spend with the newly adopted child? What about gay parents? Do they qualify for any parental leave? Here at Adoption Choices of Nevada, we know how complicated parental leave can seem. Whether you’re looking for teen pregnancy options or adoption help as a single mom, we have the resources you need to put your baby up for adoption.

Maternity Leave During your Pregnancy

It feels like stating the obvious to say that you need rest during your pregnancy. But if you have a hectic life full of responsibilities, finding that time may be far more difficult. We feel you deserve all the time you need to take care of yourself during your pregnancy. 

First, the Nevada Fair Employment Practices Act prohibited sex-based discrimination. Importantly for mothers like you, this means that employers are required to allow the use of an employee’s earned leave for health needs relating to pregnancy. This means that if an employer that grants paid or unpaid leave to people for sickness or disability, they must also provide that leave to mothers. This applies to most employers, but be sure to contact us to learn if you might be able to apply for this type of leave. 

The other option for birth mothers is the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA). This requires employers to provide paid or unpaid leave for 12 work weeks for a variety of reasons, including pregnancy. Most employers with over 50 employees and all public sector employers provide leave under the FMLA. You must also have worked for this employer for 1,250 hours in the last 12 months in order to qualify. That comes to an average of 24 hours each week. As with the Nevada Fair Employment Practices Act, you should let us know if you think you might qualify for this form of leave. We’ll be sure you get all of the leave you can. 

Financial Resources During Adoption Maternity Leave

Unfortunately, not all forms of work leave are paid. However, you can still receive financial assistance during your pregnancy. Especially if you’re a single mother, we know that taking that much time off of work may seem impossible. Adoption Choices of Nevada provides financial resources for all birth mothers in need. If you have no housing, we’ll help you find some. If you need money for maternity clothes or resources for transportation, we will match you with aid suited to your needs. The FMLA ensures that any employee who had health insurance at work maintains that insurance while they’re on leave. But if that’s not enough, we’ll still find the money you need so you can spend your time caring for your child. 

Adoptive Families and Parental Leave

It’s natural to worry about the adoptive family who will be taking care of your child. As with the birth parents, adoptive parents also can qualify for paid or unpaid time off in Nevada. We also make extra sure that adoptive families have the time and financial resources to raise your child well. How? Well, first off is the in-depth home study. This specific government-required test thoroughly checks a family’s ability to adopt a child. Have they child-proofed the house? Do they have ample food and shelter for the latest addition to their family? Are they emotionally ready to raise a child? All of these questions are answered during the home study. Every adoptive family working with Adoption Choices of Nevada has passed their home study and meets our own requirements for adoptive families as well. 

Do Same-Sex Couples Receive Parental Leave?

With laws regarding same-sex couples changing over the past several years, we get it’s a little hard to keep track of what has changed over the years. Just like straight couples, same-sex couples can apply for FMLA leave. Of course, they still must meet requirements for time worked, and their employer must still have over 50 employees nearby. But with those circumstances met, same-sex couples receive parental leave all the same. 

Need More Time for Your Child? See if Adoption Maternity Leave is for You

Adoption Choices of Nevada has done all the years of research to provide you with the best adoption experience possible. If you qualify for parental leave, you can be sure you will get that and financial resources to aid you while you’re not working. As for the adoptive family, you can be sure that they will have time to take care of a newborn as well. Still, have more questions? You can contact us here or check out some more birth mother resources here!

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