Adoption Planning in Nevada: Is Giving a Baby Up for Adoption Hard?  

By Jordan Smith 

If you are a woman who is considering adoption, here at Adoption Choices of Nevada, we think it is key for you to know what an adoption plan would look like and how it’s managed. We have adoption specialists that are the best at what they do, which is bringing you the best adoption experience possible. Adoption Choices of Nevada is a private adoption agency, and we can offer assistance to our birth mothers depending on what help they may need. 

We will explain what an adoption plan is. How does it work? And more importantly, is it hard to give a child up for adoption? Here will be provided the full scope of support and guidance you will receive when starting your adoption journey with us at Adoption Choices of Nevada.

So, What is an Adoption Plan?  

An adoption plan is what you will develop with your assigned adoption counselor when you first begin your adoption process. This plan will establish what kind of adoption you want, the choice of the adoptive family, and determine what resources you may need help with, etc.

Adoption Choices of Nevada has a well-rounded step-by-step method for the adoption plan procedure, and it clarifies a positive experience post-placement. 

What are the Steps that Occur in the Adoption Plan? 

What Type of Adoption Should You Choose? 

One of the first things that will be established at the beginning of your adoption journey will be what type of adoption you want. There is open adoption, which gives you more communication with the adoptive family, picture updates, etc. Then we have semi-closed adoption, which implies less communication and limited interactions. Lastly, closed adoption and this type of adoption offers no communication. Adoption Choices of Nevada is a no-pressure or coercion adoption agency and allows birth mothers to decide which type of adoption best suits them.

Your adoption counselor will be there to help and guide you through your adoption plan and the entirety of your adoption journey. Communication between you and your counselor is important, so it’s solidifying your adoption plan is going just the way you’d like it to.  

Ensuring Financial Assistance Throughout Your Adoption Journey 

Adoption Choices of Nevada offers financial assistance to eligible birth mothers to ensure their safety, health, and peace of mind. The financial assistance offered can be used for financial expenses such as bills, gas, groceries, etc. It can be offered for medical care and transportation, such as helping find consistent prenatal care and making sure you can get to and from medical visits. 

The transportation that can be offered is not just for medical visits but also for grocery shopping, etc., and your adoption counselor will be there to help you with this. Lastly, housing is another resource that we offer to birth mothers, and this is because of safety and well-being. If there is a situation where your home is unsafe, then Adoption Choices of Nevada will ensure a safe home for you during and after your pregnancy. 

Choosing an Adoption Family for Your Baby

The choice of an adoptive family is not a required decision for birth mothers to make, but many birth mothers decide to make that decision. Your adoption specialist will provide you with a list of potential adoptive families that you can choose from based on your preferences. Adoption Choices of Nevada can provide more adoptive families to you if, for some reason, you did not find one initially. The adoption counselors will be there to communicate for you to the adoptive family and will assist you in receiving any resources you may need. 

Depending on the type of adoption you want, the contact between you and the adoptive parents can vary. Such as, with open adoption, there is open communication between you and the adoptive family. This also includes the adoptee, and before the finalization of the placement, the birth mother and adoptive parents will determine the amount of regular contact that is best for each party. 

Is Giving a Baby Up for Adoption Hard?  

When going through adoption could be strenuous and tacting on you and your emotions. Overthinking and negative emotions can find their way to make your day-to-day life somewhat difficult to manage. This is why Adoption Choices of Nevada offers support at the very beginning of your adoption journey.

That is not to say that giving up a child for adoption isn’t hard because it is a big decision for you to make. But, at Adoption Choices of Nevada, discussion about whether you want to adopt or not will happen at the very beginning. The adoption specialist will talk to you about all your options before you need to decide definitively on adoption. With our no coercion policy, any decision-making will be up to you to make for a positive experience and outcome.  

Adoption Choices of Nevada offers many resources to birth mothers during and after placement. The help of financial expenses, medical care, transportation, etc., is to provide birth mothers with helpful resources, to make their adoption journey a positive one. Safety and health are crucial here, and when speaking with your counselor will give them a better understanding of you and your needs. Adoption Choices of Nevada is here to help you and give you the best adoption experience one can have while also providing you with useful resources that can ensure that. 

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