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Adoption Requirements in Nevada: What Are the Steps for Placing a Baby for Adoption in Reno

By Jordan Smith

If you are a woman who is unexpectedly pregnant and considering adoption, there are steps you will need to take here at Adoption Choices of Nevada. The steps you will take are not stressful in any way, and you will be assigned your own adoption counselor, who will be with you throughout the entire adoption process. The support we provide is to help you feel comfortable and safe. Pregnancy could add stress to your daily life, and your counselor will ensure that you have support and any needed guidance that you may require. 

Following your initial contact with us to initiate the adoption process, the following steps will occur. Adoption Choices of Nevada is committed to providing birth mothers with the support and compassion they need.

Speak With an Adoption Specialist

Throughout the adoption process, you will be supported by your own adoption specialist. During this phase, your adoption specialist will assist you in developing an adoption plan, and you will be able to review our list of adoptive families. You will have total control over your adoption plan and the choice of adoptive parents for your child.

1. Create Your Adoption Plan 

The next stage of the adoption process will be to complete the creation of your adoption plan. When discussing with your counselor, this would be the time to explain what assistance you may need. Whether it be transportation help or assistance with housing or rent, just let your counselor know so we can take the appropriate actions.

2. Choose an Adoption Family 

Next will come to the choosing of the adoption family, with the assistance of your counselor. You will be able to go over adoptive family profiles. With the help of Adoption Choices of Nevada, your list will be narrowed down based on your specific preferences. 

3. Complete Your Adoption Plan 

After choosing the adoptive family for your newborn, you will then wrap up your adoption plan. Your counselor will ask if there is any assistance you may need during this time. We can help with financial assistance or can make sure you receive proper prenatal care. The health and well-being of mother and baby are very important here at Adoption Choices of Nevada

Also, offering counseling and support throughout your pregnancy to provide further assistance as needed. 

4. Support, Communication, and Post-Placement 

During your time at Adoption Choices of Nevada, we will help facilitate communication throughout your pregnancy and after the infant’s birth. Communication between all parties of the adoption plan is typically more successful with our counselors in a mediatory way. We also provide you with counseling and necessary support throughout your pregnancy and after the newborn’s placement. 

Adoption Choices of Nevada is here to provide you with the best adoption experience and to give you solace on your baby’s placement. The steps we take to form your adoption plan are to get to know you, the birth mother, and your unique circumstances. We give you complete control over the type of adoption you want, the adoption family that best resonates with you, the adoption process, and post-placement communication. This is so because it shows birth mothers that they are in control with guidance and support. 
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