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If you’re experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, you know you have some options. Though it can seem overwhelming to make such a decision, you’ll feel better after you’ve made a plan and can take action towards it.

One of those options, of course, is to place the baby for adoption, but how do you know if it’s the right choice for you and the baby? Every situation is different, but here are a few things to consider when making your decision:

How Long Have You Been Pregnant?

When you first discover you’re pregnant, you might be shocked, angry, sad, happy, or a mix of these and many other emotions. It’s not the best time to make a decision.

Instead, give yourself some time with the pregnancy. Take note of your first instinct – even before the pros and cons, which choice feels best to you? Start researching your options to understand the implications of each, thinking into the future about what life might be like for both you and your baby as a result of each choice.

It’s also best to wait until after the first three months of the pregnancy as there is less risk of something happening to the pregnancy.

What Is Your Relationship with the Father?

Maybe you and the biological father agree that it’s not the best time for you to be raising a child together. In other situations, the father may not present, and you are making the decision on your own. In both cases, your relationship might play into your decision to place the baby for adoption.

As a note, the birth father must consent to an adoption. We encourage you to have the conversation with the birth father before making any decisions, even if you don’t have a relationship with him.

How Does Your Family Feel?

Raising a child alone is a major task. There are many people who do it, but it’s much easier to have a network of friends and family who can offer assistance and moral support.

If your family doesn’t approve of or know about your pregnancy, it can be difficult to develop the community you may want to help you raise the child.

Do you have a strong network to assist in raising the child? One of the many benefits of adoption is the ability to place the child with a loving family with a very strong support network.

Is Your Income Sufficient to Support a Child?

Even providing basic necessities for a growing child is expensive. Perhaps you have other children to consider, or maybe it’s hard enough to make ends meet for yourself.

You don’t need a lot of money to love a child, but you do need enough to properly feed, clothe, and care for the baby’s physical and emotional needs as well as your own. Money is one of the top causes of stress in people’s lives, and if it’s already a stress in yours, adding a baby will probably make it even more challenging.

Do You Have a Desire to Be a Parent?

Maybe you never intended to become a parent and don’t feel a special calling to raise a child. There’s nothing unusual or unnatural about this. Just as some people want to be artists or engineers, some want to be parents, and some don’t.

You may also just be at a place in your life where you need to focus on other personal or professional goals.

What Is Best for the Baby?

The very most important question that you must ask yourself is, “what’s best for the baby?” If you know you can provide a warm, stable home and are looking forward to becoming a parent, then raising the child yourself might be the perfect answer. If you’re not able to provide what he or she will need to have a great life, placing the child for adoption becomes a beautiful gift for the child as well as for yourself and the adoptive parents.

When Should You Make the Decision to Place Your Baby for Adoption?

Decide when you’re ready. Adoption Choices of Nevada is here to help you explore all of your options and better understand what the adoption process is like. When you feel sure it’s the right choice for you and the baby, we can help you proceed. We’re committed to making the adoption journey as smooth and simple as possible so you can focus on your healthy pregnancy and the next steps in your life.

Although choosing adoption early in your pregnancy gives you time to select an adoptive family for your child and take advantage of the resources available to you as the birth mother, it is possible to choose adoption even after you’ve given birth. Wherever you are in your decision-making process, contact us to learn more about adoption and if it’s right for you.

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