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Why Adoption Still Carries So Much Stigma In Reno

By Lindsay Parkoo

Adoption has come a long way from when it was commonly advised to be kept a secret. Many pregnant women are finding adoption to be a viable option for the future of themselves and their children. However, adoption stigma in Reno exist. A lot of people still believe adoption is shameful or it’s not a legitimate way to have a family. Many birth mothers will still face judgment today for giving a child up for adoption. These judgments are often misguided or harmful stereotypes that don’t hold any truth to them. However, many don’t take the time to educate themselves on what the adoption process is actually like. That’s where we at Adoption Choices of Nevada come in to let birth mothers know how false these misconceptions are.  

5 Misconceptions and Stigmas about Adoption in Reno

Nevada Adoption is giving up, selfish, or easy

People on the outside think that giving baby up for adoption means giving up on them. There’s this idea that those who choose adoption are lazy and are choosing the easy way out.  In truth for many women who go through a Reno adoption, it is one of the hardest decisions they make. These birth mothers care deeply for their children. There are many legitimate reasons a pregnant woman might choose adoption. She might be struggling financially. Maybe she’s not ready to raise a child. None of these reasons indicate that she doesn’t want her children or wants what’s best for them. Adoption isn’t an easy way out. The process can be emotionally tough, or overwhelming at times. However, many birth mothers find the result worth it to see their children receive the support they deserve.

Nevada Birth mothers will never see their babies after adoption

Many people believe that birth mothers put their children up for adoption to never see them again. This idea also contributes to the misconception that birth mothers don’t care about their children. In reality, many birth mothers choose open adoption as a part of their adoption plan.  Many still communicate with their children after the adoption is finalized. Women rarely choose to close the adoption. However, each birth mother has her reasons for closing the adoption. It doesn’t mean she doesn’t care about her child. Ultimately, it’s her decision that should be respected.

Adopted children in Nevada aren’t as loved as biological children

Some people feel that adopted children aren’t as loved as biological children. Outsiders can sometimes make adoptees feel lesser for being adopted. The truth is while it can be a struggle, adoptees are very loved by their adoptive parents. Just because they don’t share the same blood doesn’t mean they care for each other any less than biological parents. It may take some time to adjust, but such is the case with any relationship. A family made through adoption is one made with love.

All birth mothers who choose adoption are teens

When people visualize those who choose the adoption process they often think of struggling teens. This misconception comes from many inaccurate media portrayals of adoption. The reality is that women who choose adoption in Nevada can come from different situations and circumstances. The reasons pregnant women choose adoption are vast as well.  While some might be teens needing pregnancy adoption help, that doesn’t make up the majority.

An adopted family isn’t a real family

People often believe that a family not bonded by blood isn’t a legitimate one. They think that because a family isn’t conventional it isn’t real or that the love between them is real. People look at adoptive parents and don’t see them as real parents. People feel this way because they judge the adoption process. This notion is simply not true. Often the adoptive parents are in the delivery room with the birth mother as support if she wants them there. Open adoption exists for birth mothers and adoptive families to be a family together if they want. They have an opportunity to have a strong bond with each other that’s made by choice rather than by blood. A family that commits to love and loyalty to each other is a family no matter the circumstances.

Let Adoption Choices of Nevada Help You on your Adoption Journey

Adoption has been around for centuries and while attitudes have gotten better, there’s still a way to go. That’s why we at Adoption Choices of Nevada are avid and staunch advocates for adoption and education. No one should be judged for whatever circumstances bring them to adoption. When looking for adoption in Nevada, choose an adoption agency that invests in your well-being and will advocate for you.

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