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Adoption Support Through the Holidays

By Veronica Wiley

The holiday season is often filled with the hustle of preparation for the next party or gathering.  It can be a time of joy and celebration as you meet with friends and exchange dishes and gifts.  It can, however, also be filled with stress and anxiety for those involved in the adoption process.  As a birth mother, you may be feeling overwhelmed with the choices you have to make.  As an adoptive family, you may be feeling like the day will never come. Overall, you may not feel like celebrating.  Adoption Choices of Nevada, a non-profit adoption agency, provides a variety of services to support families through the holidays.  Some of the services we offer include counseling, support groups, and holiday events.  Take a look at the various ways we can help you over the holidays.  We hope you’ll find a unique way to celebrate the holidays and your adoption.

Holiday Adoption for My Baby

If you are dealing with an unplanned pregnancy and in the process of adoption in Nevada, you may be feeling some anxiety.  This anxiety may be preventing you from enjoying the season and you may not feel much like celebrating.  One of the stressors may be the thoughts of a finalized adoption.  That after the adoption is finalized you may be feeling empty.  We want you to know that this is a normal feeling after adoption, but it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your holiday.  We want to encourage you to embrace your adoption and the holiday season.  Using the resources Adoption Choices of Nevada can provide may help you find a way to celebrate your adoption and the holidays together. 

You may also be stressing about what happens after adoption.  Don’t think it’s not okay to plan.  The holiday season should fill you with hope for the future.  We want you to know that there is a lot of life to be enjoyed after adoption.  Even starting a new family when you’re ready.  It’s okay to look forward to that.

If you are struggling with enjoying the holiday season, rest assured, we can help.  Adoption Choices of Nevada will still be available to support you over the holidays.  One of the many ways we can help is by connecting you with a counselor.  Your counselor can help you locate a therapist or support group if needed.  Being able to discuss your concerns with other women in the midst of the adoption process can be encouraging.  Many birth mothers also find a sense of comradery and self-discovery in these groups.  You’ll find that they share your concerns and some of these birth mothers have found solutions to overcome loss and grief.  Others have found ways to incorporate the celebration of adoption into the holiday.  Whatever stage of adoption or pregnancy you are at, we will support you during the holiday.

Adoption Counseling During the Holiday

Adoption counseling doesn’t just mean talking it out.  As you may already know, your adoption counselor has many responsibilities in their role.  One of those is helping you create your adoption plan.  Your adoption plan can relieve some of the anxiety you may be feeling approaching the holidays.  Instead of having to worry about what needs to get done for the adoption, your birth plan will act as the roadmap.  Once your adoption plan is created, it will be enforced throughout the adoption process so that you can focus on yourself and the pregnancy.  Or, in this season, enjoying the holidays.

Other Adoption Resources for Support

Adoption Choices of Nevada provides lots of additional support to help families cope with the stress of the holiday season.  Some other ways we can offer support are financial assistance and holiday events through our holiday support program.  Support is offered to all families who are affected by adoption. 

If you need financial assistance with bills, food, or housing, speak with your adoption counselor to see if you qualify.

During holiday events, there are many ways you can add your experience of adoption into the celebration.  One of these ways is decorating an ornament to send with the baby after birth.  Adoption Choices of Nevada has various blog posts about how to celebrate adoption over the holidays.  Take a look, and you may discover a unique way to celebrate your adoption and even create a new tradition.  Whether you choose open adoption, closed adoption, or semi-open adoption, a new tradition is a great way to celebrate the holiday.

Las Vegas Adoption and Private Adoption in Reno

We know adoption is likely at the forefront of your mind this holiday season.  So, we encourage you to take advantage of the resources available to you.  If you need any support over the holiday season, know that Adoption Choices of Nevada is just a phone call away.

If you have not yet started your adoption journey and are seeking information about a pregnant adoption, we can help.  We can help answer your questions about adoption in Nevada and other questions about how to put a child up for adoption.  Adoption Choices of Nevada is one of Nevada’s local adoption agencies.  We are a private adoption agency with many unique resources to help out birth mothers.