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Choosing Adoption When the Birth Father is Abusive

By Jaclyn Prasa

If you are in an abusive home and have found out that you are now expecting an unplanned pregnancy, you may be thinking that you’re not in a suitable environment to raise a child. If your surroundings are unstable, maybe consider adoption in Reno. Adoption is a loving choice that will ensure your baby is raised in a safe and nurturing environment. You may fear the birth father’s reaction to the unwanted pregnancy or choosing adoption, but you know what is right for yourself and for your baby. But know that you can choose adoption when the birth father is abusive. Your local adoption agencyAdoption Choices of Nevada, can assist you throughout the process and help make you and your baby safe. 

Choosing Adoption When the Birth Father is Abusive and What Can You Do?

If your home is unsafe, there are places you can go in order to get out of harm’s way to protect yourself and your baby. If you do not have a support system that can offer you a place to stay, you can contact The National Domestic Violence Hotline at 800-799-7233. Or you can contact local shelters in Reno, NV. Nevada has been repeatedly ranked as one of the highest reported states for domestic violence.

One shelter, The Domestic Violence Resource Center, formerly known as The Committee to Aid Abused Women, offers emergency shelters and transitional housing. Counseling, children’s programs, and pet shelters are also included. Several other shelters in Washoe county can assist you. 

If the father is violent and you and your baby have been harmed, or you are in immediate danger, it is critical that you call 911 for help. This will ensure your safety as well as your baby’s. Additionally, the birth father’s behavior will be recorded, which may be used to determine his legal rights in the future (more on this later). 

Birth Father’s Rights

If the birth father is acknowledged with paternity in the state of Nevada. Then he will often be needed to give consent to the adoption. Acknowledged paternity can either be from you two being married, living together six months prior to the baby’s conception or if his DNA matches 99% or more. 

In Nevada, it is deemed necessary to inform the birth father of your decision for adoption. You can call him or write a letter informing him of your decision. Though, if you feel that contacting him directly is in any way unsafe, there are alternatives to let him know. Once you contact Adoption Choices of Nevada, you will be paired with an adoption counselor. The adoption counselor can take the role of informant and explain your decision to the birth father.  

In the process of adoption, you, the birth mother, will need to voluntarily sign over parental consent after your baby’s birth, and so will the birth father. Consent is signed over 72 hours after the child’s birth. Though, if the father is abusive or unsupportive, there are other methods in order for you to put your child up for adoption without his involvement. 

Adoption without the Birth Father’s Consent

Following through with the adoption process without the birth father’s consent can be done, but it will be more complicated. At Adoption Choices of Nevada, you will have an adoption counselor’s help. You will also have the assistance of a legal advisor. The attorney will know about Nevada’s adoption legal law and can assist you when dealing with an abusive father. If you have contacted the police in the past, then you will have proof of the birth father’s abuse.

Then, the Nevada court system could potentially terminate the birth father’s parental rights on the grounds of an unfit parent. Any behavior putting a child’s safety at risk could be ample reason to terminate his rights. Once terminated, the birth father has no claim to your baby or your decision on adoption in Reno. Depending on your unique case, there may be an option to bypass his involvement entirely. 

Ultimately, a Reno adoption without the birth father’s consent is possible in some cases. You will need to contact Adoption Choices of Nevada to speak directly to a legal advisor to better understand the actions you will need to take. 

Our Helpful Adoption Resources for Birth Mothers

After you have discussed the route you need to take to place your baby up for adoption, with or without the birth father’s consent, you will make an adoption planAdoption Choices of Nevada can help birth mothers with several resources. Safe and comfortable housing is something that can be accommodated during and post-pregnancy. Additionally, financial, medical, birthing, as well as post-placement plans will all be created with your adoption counselor. 

We know that giving up a child for adoption is not easy. It is especially harder when dealing with an abusive birth father. Once you decide on adoption and contact us, it may become easier when you feel in control of your situation. Adoption Choices of Nevada wishes to empower and help you. You will not be alone in this. We are here to help you find safety for yourself and for your baby. 

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