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Choosing Adoption When The Father is Abusive or Violent

By Tyra Watts

Domestic abuse is a serious issue that is happening globally. It is something that no human being should endure, and it is something that, as a society, we should end. When it comes to domestic abuse, there are many things that are not often talked about. One of them is that pregnant women can also be victims of domestic abuse. In this case, they must be removed from their domestic situation as soon as possible. Being in an abusive relationship is a danger for the birth mother and the unborn child.

Having a child brought into a world of abuse and violence can harm the child’s upbringing. If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy and experiencing domestic abuse, know that you have the right to adoption. If adoption is something that you want to do, you can check out a local adoption agency in Las Vegas called Adoption Choices of Nevada. We would be more than happy to get you started with your adoption. 

I am Choosing Adoption Because The Father is Abusive. What Are The Birth Father’s Rights?

When giving up a child for adoption in Nevada, one of the first things you should know about birth fathers is that they have parental rights to their children. That means that the birth father must give up their rights for the adoption to take place. Not only that, but the birth father can also disapprove of the Nevada adoption. All that the birth father has to do is prove his intentions of raising the child. For example, the birth father proving that he can financially support the child can be an intention. However, if the birth father cannot prove his intentions, he would be considered an unfit parent. Therefore, we would not need the birth father’s consent for the adoption.

However, one of the ways that adoption agencies in Nevada can terminate the birth father’s rights is if he is abusive or violent (as well as a felon, struggles with addiction, or is considered mentally or emotionally ill). As a birth mother facing a domestic abuse situation with the birth father, the birth father will most likely be considered an unfit parent due to this circumstance. As stated earlier, we don’t need the birth father’s consent for the adoption, and we can get started with your adoption plan

“How Can I Get Started With My Adoption?”

If you want to get started with your adoption in Las Vegas, the first step is to reach out to one of our adoption agencies in Las Vegas. Next, our adoption agency will help you get started with your adoption process. Since you are in control of your adoption, you get to choose the type of adoption you want (open, closed, or semi-open), the adoptive family and create a birth plan. Then, the next two steps will consist of you picking the type of adoption and the adoptive family.

After that, you complete your adoption plan, where you’ll receive financial assistance, make sure you are receiving the best medical care, and provide counseling services throughout your pregnancy. Lastly, the post-placement period is when your child is officially placed with their adoptive family after you give birth. Depending on the type of adoption plan you pick, there is a possibility that you’ll be able to contact your child. Counseling services will remain available to you after the placement has been official. 

We Are Here To Help You Should You Choose Adoption When The Father is Abusive

We know that domestic abuse situations are difficult. Our adoption agencies in Las Vegas have counseling services available to you throughout the adoption process and post-adoption. There are also other forms of counseling resources that you can try. These include therapy, support groups, going on a retreat, social circles, and much more. Once again, if you are someone who is experiencing a domestic abuse situation and is interested in adoption, then Adoption Choices of Nevada is the agency for you. We have plenty of adoption agencies in Nevada, such as the Las Vegas and Washoe county locations.

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