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Adoption with an Absent or Unsupportive Birth Father in Nevada

Adoption with an Absent or Unsupportive Birth Father in Nevada

Trying to put your baby up for adoption with an absent or unsupportive birth father can make the process far more consuming. You may have a million questions in your mind. If you aren’t married to the birth father, do they still have parental rights? What about a married but absent birth father? What are the options if a birth father is unsupportive? Does it matter if they are? Adoption Choices of Nevada hopes to answer these questions and more. We’re an accredited adoption agency and will do our best to answer any and all questions. 

Absent Birth Father in Nevada

If you’re married to your partner, they have presumed parental rights for their child. Even if the birth father has been away for some time, legally, they still receive those rights automatically if you’re still married to them. There are still other options if this is the case. If the birth father has been absent for more than six months, then you may be able to file for a termination of parental rights. However, this is a complicated legal issue. Adoption Choices of Nevada provides adoption attorneys along with legal counseling for issues like this. For legal questions about your case, in particular, you should get in contact with us. 

If you’re not married to your partner, they still may have parental rights, but it’s a little more complicated. If they wish, a birth father who is unmarried never has to establish paternity legally. In Nevada, they can register at any time with the local government to claim their rights as a parent. When they do so, they receive notices about court filings, and you may need their permission as well to put the baby up for adoption. We hope to help you understand cases like these and give you some advice for trying to talk to a birth father who has claimed parental rights. 

Giving my Baby up for Adoption with an Unsupportive Birth Father

In the situation where the birth father is known and has claimed parental rights, then they must relinquish those rights in order for the child to be put up for adoption. Although in the past fathers have not received as many parental rights, fathers now consistently hold some sort of parental rights over their children. In this situation, your best option is to try and talk to the birth father. 

One good thing to remember is that the birth father may be reluctant to adopt because they really care about their child. Sometimes the social stigma around adoption can lead to birth fathers being worried if adoption is the right choice for them. They might even think that putting their baby up for adoption means they’re a bad or lazy father. Whatever the reason, only you and your partner know your own situation the best. If you’ve decided that adoption is the best choice to give your child a comfortable life, Adoption Choices of Nevada will be here to give you the services you need. We can also help talk you through conversations with an unsupportive birth father to find a solution that works for everybody. 

Complicated Birth Father Situation? 

Issues regarding birth fathers can bring up complicated legal issues. While it may seem straightforward to local lookup laws, there’s some information you can only understand well if you talk to an attorney. Some laws sound like they mean much more than they actually mean. Other times, key court decisions can sway the meaning of law from what may have been initially interpreted. Any time you have concerns about legal issues, contact an adoption agency like      Adoption Choices of Nevada. Our adoption caseworkers have years of combined experience helping people with adoptions. We also provide attorneys and legal advice, all completely free of cost, to all birth mothers who come through our door. Contacting an adoption agency is the best choice to make sure you understand your circumstances. 

Adoption Choices Supports all Birth Parents

Whether your birth father is absent or unsupportive, Adoption Choices of Nevada will help you find the solution best suited to you. Our adoption caseworkers have years of experience with adoption cases and can help you find what the status is of an absent birth father. For when the birth father is unsupportive, we’ll help you understand why he might feel that way and guide you through conversations you can have to come to a decision together. Our counseling services are offered to both birth mothers and birth fathers as well. Ready to talk to an adoption caseworker today? Go to our website to start your adoption journey. 

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