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By Adoption Choices of Nevada

All About Adoptees in Las Vegas

By Megan Kostraba 

Adoption is a unique and personal process for both the birth parents and the child. When it comes to thinking about adoption for your child, most birth parents face a long decision-making process. Choosing the adoptive family, a type of adoption, and a care system, and doing so all while pregnant is quite the list of tasks. 

Adoption is a system that works in order to place a child in a safe, caring, and loving home. Some people find adoption to be intimidating—we get it! Considering adoption for your child is a difficult decision altogether. There’s also a list of legalities that can be arduous, as well as all of the stress that comes from worrying about your pregnancy. 

At Adoption Choices of Nevada, we want to reassure all of our birth mothers that their adoption plan is entirely up to them. We prioritize birth mothers, wants, wishes, needs, and concerns. A lot of those concerns, understandably, focus on the well-being of their child. Some birth mothers worry about the effects that adoption might have on their child. We’re here to discuss what the adoption process is like and how your child will be cared for. 

Adoption in Nevada

Adoption is a wonderful option for birth parents, adoptive parents, and adopted children. Overall, it is a process when a child is not raised by their birth parents but by an adoptive family. The birth mother chooses the adoptive family based on how she wants her child to be raised and the characteristics she may be looking for. Adoption is a legally binding process, meaning that the child’s legal guardians will be the adoptive family. The child will become a legal member of the family and will grow up in that environment. 

Adoption can occur in a number of ways. Some birth parents choose to work with private adoption agencies, like Adoption Choices of Nevada. Others may choose to work independently with another program or party. Both options work and have been successful for a long time! 

The Adoption Process

There is a lot of emotion that stems from adoption, and sometimes, the adoption process can be very overwhelming. It is integral that you find support for yourself during this time. The thought of adoption may intimidate or frustrate you because the adoption process is not a fast one. Accepting and understanding these things is important before choosing adoption!

You can work alongside an adoption specialist during the agency’s adoption process. An adoption specialist essentially lists out all of your options for you, helping you pick the best choice for you and your child. They will also be a guide to you during your adoption plan, preparing you for each step on the way. The adoption process can seem like a long time—we get it! Having someone by your side to help you, though, can make it much easier. 

Adoption For Your Child 

Some birth mothers worry that their child will resent them because they placed them for adoption. It’s an understandable concern! What’s important to remember, however, is that adoption is altogether a selfless decision. Your adoption choices stem from the unconditional love you have for your child. Adoption is no easy choice—it’s an incredibly hard challenge for the birth mother. But women do it because they want their baby to have the best life possible. Sometimes, you have to accept that life isn’t with you. 

Your child will come to know all of this, too! Most people raised in adoptive families understand and accept their adoption and still love their birth parents. Adoption is a very personal experience, and your child will come to understand that. You’ve given them the best opportunities you could, all stemming from your love. 

Adoption is a tough choice, but it remains to be a wonderful option! If you have any questions about adoption or are considering adoption, reach out to one of our adoption agencies. We can help you with an unplanned pregnancy and guide you through all your options—one step at a time.