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By Adoption Choices of Nevada

All About Adoptees: What Will the Adoption Process Look Like For My Child?

By Erin McKenna 

When you choose the adoption process, you aren’t only choosing it for yourself. As a birth mother, you may be curious about how adoption in Nevada works for adoptive families and children. Educating yourself about this process can be a useful tool if you’re still deciding if adoption is right for you. It can feel like once you’ve placed your baby for adoption, you’ve given up control. Common phrases like “giving my baby up for adoption” can lead to this misconception.

In reality, birth parents have the power to ensure the best possible future for their child. Adoption Choices of Nevada is a wonderful resource to learn what the future may look like for your child after adoption. Our adoption counselors are experts in Nevada Adoption and work tirelessly to serve families like yours. We want you to feel empowered in choosing adoption for your child by learning all about life after adoption.

Resources Available After Adoption In Nevada

Once you hand your child off to your adoptive family, you are not abandoning them. A social worker will continue to be in contact with the adoptive family to ensure a smooth transition. Once the family is comfortable to move forward on their own, this social worker will no longer be necessary. But especially for first-time adoptive families, this social worker is a phenomenal resource while they are adjusting to their expanded family. Our adoption services are available to adoptive families as well as birth parents. Just like we want to support you through your unplanned pregnancy, we want to support adoptive families on their journey. 

You can also choose to be involved in your child’s life after adoption. Open or Semi-Open adoption plans allow birth parents to have varying degrees of communication with their child. While you will not be co-parenting your child, you can absolutely have a relationship with them if you want one. If you’re curious about what your child’s life will be like after adoption, you can be part of it! You cannot guarantee your child’s future, but you don’t have to be in the dark about it. 

Adoptive Family Relationships With Adoption Agencies

Our adoption counselors strive to provide as much care for our adoptive families as we do to our birth mothers. We take their feedback into account and use it to inform all of our future adoptive journeys. Adoption Choices of Nevada prides itself on glowing reviews from adoptive parents and birth parents alike. As a licensed adoption agency in the state of Nevada, we know that every adoption is different. No two adoptees will say the same thing about their experience. But we can take steps to ensure all adopted children are set up for success.

Our adoptive families are thoroughly screened before being approved to adopt. Usually, the same social worker who will be your family’s contact with our agency will conduct the pre-approval home study. You can be certain that any family you choose for your child will be safe, loving, and prepared to parent. We are proud to say we work with families from all backgrounds, regardless of faith, race, or family structure. As a birth parent, you can decide on the family that adopts your child. If you want your child to be raised in a certain environment, you have the power to ensure they are. Building a relationship with your adoptive family throughout your pregnancy is also a great way to learn about your child’s future. Whether or not you choose to continue that relationship after adoption, you can gain valuable insight during your pregnancy. 

Life After Choosing Adoption

Ultimately, there is no way to know for certain what the adoption process will be like for your child. That uncertainty can feel overwhelming and scary. Adoption Choices of Nevada understands this and works with our birth and adoptive families to ensure the best possible outcome. Our adoption services offer support, structure, and predictability to your uncertainty. You do have power as a birth parent, whether you know it yet or not. Learning all aspects of the adoption process is a great way to ease fears of powerlessness. Contact us today for a more thorough breakdown of the adoption journey from all sides. Adopted children all have different journeys, but one thing they have in common at our agency is support. Discover why our adoptive families chose us for a formative time in their lives.