All About Adoptees

By Mitchell Kennis

One of the toughest decisions a birth mother can make is adoption. Adoption is brave and sometimes necessary but also scary to take on. Among all the other worries coming with it is the consideration given to your child and if they want this. We’ll do our best to remove your fears about adoption and your child’s role in it. 

The Adoption in Las Vegas

To cover the basics of how to place a baby for adoptionlet us first talk about the adoption process. When an expectant mother first considers placing their child for adoption, the best move is to contact an agency. There are hundreds of adoption agencies across the US, so you can do a little searching for one you’d like. After picking one, you can contact them about speaking with an adoption specialist, someone to consult with on your plan. 

An adoption plan encompasses your hospital experience and which family takes in your child. You will be considered for financial support if needed and given a choice on how open your adoption will be. With the plan set, you just have to take care of your pregnancy until birth. After that, the adoptive parents will pick up their adoptee child. Depending on the type of adoption, you can remain in contact with your adopted child for years after this. 

Who are Adoptees?

So, you may have caught it, but an “adoptee” is essentially a child of adoption. Adoptees can be in any type of family with any type of relationship with the birth parents. This means it is possible for an adoptee to not know they are adopted if not informed of such. The system of adoption agencies and their families will still have them on record as being so, however.

It is also rather important to say the title of adoptee doesn’t fade with childhood. A person who was adopted is considered an adoptee whether they make it public information or not.

The Mindset of an Adoptee

Just in the way no two adoptions are exactly alike, so are adoptees completely unique. Without a means to view the future, it is difficult to say if your child will fit into a mold. What we can say is from the experiences of other adoptions, there are some general facts to remember about adoptees.

Adoptees are Proud

It is natural to have some fear of your adopted child resenting you for putting them up with another family. What you have to remember, however, is your child has their own view of the world. It is easy to think of something that happened to you as embarrassing but harder to see it from another’s perspective. In this way, we can say that certainly, your adoptee will be proud. They will be proud of their family and their ability to be raised well. They’ll be proud of the lives they lead and the connections they make. And, even if not on the surface, they will be proud of your decision to choose adoption. Because if you didn’t, then they wouldn’t have the life they have. 

Adoptees are Individuals

With all the talk of families and parents, the adoptee themself can be lost. It’s sometimes hard to recognize despite a life-defining adoption. An adoptee chooses who they are and if it defines them. Knowing that you were adopted can be a massive part of your personality. It can inform how you interact with your family and friends. It can later make the decision for adoption in Las Vegas easy. But it doesn’t need to be so blatant, either. Adoptees will certainly live their life as anyone else would. The detail of adoption is just that, an extra fun fact. 

Adoptees Grow Up Well

There is certainly no shortage of portrayals painting adoption as cruel. On the screen, we see an adoptee trying to reconnect with their birth parents, asking why they were given up. In reality, such events are not normal and clearly overdramatized. What we do know is studies have mostly shown little connection between adoption and test scores. We know that adoptees are more and more in open adoptions with their birth parents. We know life offers far more drama than simply the origin of one’s birth. We’re not telling you not to worry, you can, and it is natural. But it is also normal for adoptees to turn out just fine.  

Children of Adoption

From a broad point of view, adoption is a stressful and scary process. But what comes from it is a part of yourself growing to be your own person as an adoptee. We at Adoption Choices of Nevada see that as a very beautiful thing. We will always be here to talk about your adoption and work with you to make the stress minimal. Maybe not out loud, but your adoptee will thank you for your decision.  

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