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All About Birth Fathers

By Veronica Wiley

Misconceptions about birth fathers and the adoption process have been circulating for years. This can make the birth father’s role in the adoption process a bit foggy. It also means that you may have concerns about the birth father’s role and what his rights may be. Many birth mothers have questions about adoption and how to incorporate the father’s rights in adopting out the baby. Adoption Choices of Nevada has been helping families with the adoption process for many years. We can help guide you through the adoption process and your unplanned pregnancy. So, how does this all work?

Who is the Birth Father in the Adoption

The birth father is the biological father of the baby. Sometimes, he is the partner in a married relationship. Sometimes, he is a boyfriend. The birth mother might not know who the birth father is. Whatever the relationship the birth mother has with him, he is the genetic father of the baby.

The adoption process includes the adoption triad. The adoption triad includes the people affected by the adoption process. This consists of the birth mother, the baby, and the adoptive family. Despite popular belief, however, the birth father does have some rights regarding the baby’s life and future. This is the case even if the birth mother and birth father are not married. Not every birth father desires to be a part of the baby’s life. However, some of them do. Many birth fathers relinquish their parental rights, but it’s important to be aware of what their role is when considering adoption.

How Does Adoption Work

When it comes to thinking about adoption, Adoption Choices of Nevada will help you develop an adoption plan. Your adoption plan will be enforced by the adoption agency through the adoption process.

After contacting Adoption Choices of Nevada, we will guide you through:

  1.  Meeting with your adoption specialist
  2. Connecting to your community resources
  3. Reviewing adoptive families
  4.  And finally, placement

Your adoption plan will include the birth father’s role in the adoption of your baby. During the adoption process, it is the birth mother who makes the decisions involving the adoption. So, how does this work if the father has rights regarding the baby?

Does the Birth Father Have to be Involved

After you contact your local adoption agency and start your adoption journey, you will be asked who the birth father is. You might also be asked if he knows about your pregnancy. This question can be emotionally difficult to answer, but it is important that you answer it honestly. Not all birth fathers are interested in being parents. However, if he was not notified of the adoption process, he may have the ability to overturn the adoption. This is why, if you know who the birth father is, you should notify Adoption Choices of Nevada so that we can help get all the necessary adoption papers signed. Sometimes, the birth father is interested in being involved with the child. If the birth father would like to parent the child and is considered capable of it, he does have the right to do so.

What if you don’t know who the birth father is? It’s okay. Not every mother knows who the birth father is. Birth fathers do have a say in the adoption process… if they are present. If he is not present, he needs to be notified of the adoption process and sign the consent to adopt forms. If he is not present and cannot be located or if the birth mother does not know who the father is, his parental rights will be forfeited. 

Consent to adopt forms is important in finalizing the adoption. These forms cannot be signed until 72 hours after the baby’s birth. This 72-hour waiting period only applies to the father if he is married to the birth mother. If you are not married to the birth father, he can sign these forms sooner.

I Just Want to Know How Adoption Works

While many laws governing adoption are universal across the United States, we advise investigating the laws in your state. The role of each member of the adoption triad can vary depending on which state you live in. If you are a birth mother considering adoption and would like more information, Adoption Choices of Nevada is just a phone call away. Feel free to reach out to us at any time with any questions you may have.