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All About Birth Mothers in Las Vegas

By Chloe Agas

You may be a birth mother experiencing an unplanned pregnancy and want to learn more about the option of adoption. Adoption is the process in which a birth mother places her child with an adoptive family. The adoption process can be overwhelming, and you may have to ponder questions such as: 

  • What is a birth mother? 
  • Why do people choose the adoption process?
  • What are some common misconceptions about adoption? 
  • What are some adoption services that can be provided to me by an agency?

At Adoption Choices of Nevada, our compassionate adoption counselors are prepared to support you. When you choose adoption in Nevada, you are making a loving and selfless decision. Our variety of services includes your own unique adoption plan, where YOU are able to make the decisions of how you want the process to go. It is important for birth mothers who want to learn more about adoption to get provided with the resources they need. In this article, we will discuss the basics of adoption, birth mothers, common misconceptions, and how to get support. 

Being a Birth Mother in Nevada 

A birth mother is the biological mother who is giving birth to the child. A birth mother is also a part of the adoption triad. The adoption triad includes everyone involved with the adoption process as a whole. This includes the birth mother, the adoptive family, and the adoptive child.

 If you are a birth mother experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, you may feel overwhelmed with where to begin. When you are considering adoption, you may overlook what kind of adoption opportunities it can bring forward. Whether it would be birth mothers or prospective adoptive families, adoption is an option open to all. In the process, the birth mother plays the key role, as she makes decisions that are best for the child. 

With the right adoption agency, the birth mother can overlook multiple opportunities and services, from an adoption plan to post-placement options. At Adoption Choices of Nevada, our wrap-around services allow for the birth mothers’ preferences to be prioritized. For example, if you have religious preferences and want to place the child in a similar environment, we will provide profiles to choose from. 

We highly encourage you to advocate for yourself throughout the process and seek out resources as needed as a birth mother. We are prepared to answer any questions about adoption and the entire process. You are not alone but supported as you go along your journey. 

What Choices Do Birth Mothers’ in Nevada Make?  

These are five ways the birth mother gets involved with the adoption process

1. Creating an adoption plan

With an adoption counselor, the birth mother can advocate for her needs and preferences as she wishes. Our compassionate staff will take her step by step through the process and what kind of adoption she wants to proceed with. 

2. Seeking out adoption services

Along with working with an agency like Adoption Choices of Nevada, the birth mother can seek out services such as financial aid, medical care, housing assistance, and counseling. 

3. Creating a hospital plan

The hospital plan is based on the birth mother’s preferences before, during, and after labor. When you create a Hospital Plan, you will decide where and how you want to deliver your baby. 

4. Choosing the adoptive family

 When creating a plan, the birth mother gets the opportunity to decide from potential adoptive family profiles. From there on, she will work with the adoptive family. 

5. State preferences for post-adoption communication

The birth mother can choose how she wants to keep in communication with the child and adoptive family. This can go on for any duration as agreed upon by both ends. 

The birth mother makes a lot of decisions, which can get overwhelming. With our adoption agencies, we want to reassure you that you will be guided and advocated for. Regardless of the circumstances you’re in or the preferences you’ve chosen, your decisions are our top consideration. 

What are some common Adoption Facts, Myths, and Misconceptions?

The stigma that surrounds adoption–which can originate from media portrayals to cultural influences–creates these misconceptions.

 Some examples of misconceptions can include: 

  • Giving a child up for adoption means that you are giving up.
    • Why it is false: It is important to know that when you consider placing a child for adoption, you are not giving up as a birth mother. Every person has their own unique circumstances. Your decision is selfless and puts you and the baby’s best interests at heart. 
  • Communication is scarce between the birth mother and the adoptive family.
    • Why it is false: The birth mother can actually create opportunities to maintain communication with the adoptive family who will adopt her child. The birth mother chooses the adoptive family and can communicate with them during and after the pregnancy. 
  • Adoption is an irresponsible choice for your child.
    • Why it is false: Adoption is actually a responsible and loving choice for your child! Adoption Choices of Nevada provides options and resources that a birth mother can consider to help make the best decisions. If you do consider the decision, we are ready to help and advocate for you. 
  • Birth mothers see placing their baby up for adoption as an easy way out.
    • Why it is false: However, the decision a birth mother makes in considering the adoption process is not simple. With the adoption process also comes emotional and psychological impacts. Our adoption agencies provide counselors to assist our birth mothers and guide them. 

How can Adoption Choices of Nevada Support Me in the Adoption Process?

Adoption Choices of Nevada serves clients statewide, and we will provide you with resources on how to get started with adoption in Nevada. When you reach out to our adoption agencies, you will be assisted and taking action in:

  • Resources to guide you in creating your adoption plan 
  • Financial assistance and needs 
  • Seeking medical and prenatal care 
  • Matching with an adoptive family
  • Working out communication between you and the adoptive family 

All of these steps will take place leading up to your due date during the adoption process

You are Supported In Your Decision If You Choose Adoption in Nevada

Regardless of the outcome you make as a birth mother, you are making an effort to research. By searching “How Do I Begin Adoption as a Birth Mother in Nevada,” you are considering a selfless decision filled with strength. 

At Adoption Choices of Nevada, we are prepared to assist you throughout the adoption process from our resources. It is never too late to start considering your decision and get the support you need.