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All About Birth Parents: The Path to Choosing Adoption

By Erin McKenna

Often, parents facing an unplanned pregnancy who are considering placing a baby for adoption are perceived a certain way. For people who have never been in this position, it can be hard to imagine what being a birth parent considering the adoption process is like. If you find yourself in these shoes, it can be hard to reconcile society’s perception with your actual situation. Unfortunately, there is still significant stigma and misinformation surrounding birth parents who choose adoption. The good news is Adoption Choices of Nevada is here to combat these negative stereotypes. There are so many reasons parents choose adoption for their child. Everyone’s situation is different, but one thing all birth parents have in common is a brave, selfless choice. If you’re considering adoption in Nevada, it’s important to know that you’re not alone. Read on to learn the myths, facts, and more about birth parents who choose adoption.

Why Parents Choose Adoption 

There are a wide variety of reasons parents choose to place their child for adoption. For some, the circumstances surrounding their pregnancy are too volatile. Facing a teen pregnancy, an abusive or toxic partner, or a substance abuse problem can all make raising a child difficult. Other people simply don’t feel capable of raising a child. If you feel this way and are willing and able to carry your pregnancy to term, adoption may be a good choice. Ultimately, parents choose adoption for their child because it is the best choice for them. Adoption shouldn’t be a choice you are pressured or shamed into. Speaking to an adoption counselor is a good way to assess your situation and gain new perspectives, but this decision is yours. At the end of the day, you are in control of your future and your child’s future. Making a smart, informed decision to set you both up for success is not shameful. Of course, in order to make an informed decision, you first must dispel misconceptions about adoption.

Myths and Facts About The Adoption Process

When it comes to the adoption process, misconceptions and false information are unfortunately rampant. One such myth is the idea that giving a child up for adoption means you are “giving up” on your child. While this kind of language is a common way to describe adoption, it does not reflect the reality of the process. Birth parents have a great deal of responsibility in their child’s life. Working alongside adoption agencies, birth parents are able to plan for their child’s future after the adoption. Some parents fear losing control as a result of the adoption process, but adoption actually allows you to be in control. You can decide what family your child is going to be adopted by. If you want them to be raised in a certain family structure or with certain values, you can ensure that they are. You can work with your adoption counselor to make sure your child has the future you want for them. 

Another misconception about adoption is that you are choosing to lose a relationship with your child. In reality, you can choose to have a relationship with your child if you want one. If you decide to pursue an open or semi-open adoption plan, you can have a degree of contact with your child after the adoption. On the other hand, if this kind of communication is something you don’t want, you can also decide on a closed adoption plan. You can decide the path that you feel best about. Adoption isn’t one-size-fits-all. If you have a particular idea of what you want your future to be, we can work with you to make sure it happens. If there is another popular idea about adoption that you don’t want for yourself or your child, contact us today. Together, we can make sure your adoption journey is the one that’s right for you.

Choosing Adoption In Nevada

If you still have questions about what adoption looks like for birth parents, Adoption Choices of Nevada is here for you. Our adoption services are top-of-the-line and made for parents just like you. We will never pressure you into deciding on adoption if you’re still uncertain. Our goal is to provide parents with adoption opportunities that work for them. Calling us doesn’t mean you’re committing to pursuing adoption. Ultimately, we believe in empowering birth parents to plan for their future in a way that works best for them. Contact us today to see what your future might look like with us.