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All You Need To Know About Adoption Agencies In Vegas

By Conner Sura

Looking for adoption opportunities can be difficult when you do not know what you are looking for. Adoption is confusing. You might be asking what adoption services you provide. What is the difference between a public adoption and a private one? What do Nevada adoption agencies exactly do? Adoption choices of Nevada are here to help answer all those questions and more. We understand that adoption can be daunting and scary. We understand that there is so much information out there that you can be overwhelmed and unsure about a lot of things. That is okay. We are here to help you understand the adoption process. 

Adoption Choices of Nevada is a private adoption agency with locations in New Vegas and Reno. We have decades of experience with experienced birth mother specialists that are uniquely curated to fit your needs. We are a non-faith-based agency that accepts birth mothers and families from all religions and backgrounds.  

What Is A Private & Public Adoption Agency? 

You might have heard of private and public business before, and adoption is similar. There are two main types of adoption agencies: public and private. You might ask, what is the difference between the two? Are there certain benefits to choosing one over the other? Those are all reasonable questions, and we are here to help answer them. First, let’s talk about what a private adoption agency is. 

What is a private adoption agency? A private adoption is when a birth mother contacts a Nevada adoption agency and voluntarily gives up her child for adoption. A private Nevada adoption also hosts benefits for birth mothers experiencing an unplanned pregnancy or not. Adoption Choices of Nevada provides birth mothers with financial assistance for utilities, medical, pregnancy help, housing support, and adoption counseling with a licensed adoption counselor.

We all go into more detail on the benefits of choosing a Nevada adoption below. 

Is a public adoption the same as a private adoption? No, unlike a private adoption, a public adoption is a state-sponsored program. Usually, public adoption involves children being taken by the state and placed into a foster home. The reason why children are taken usually comes from the living situation they came from. This may include neglect or abusive behavior from the birth parents.

However, biological parents can reclaim their parental rights if they meet the state requirements. Choosing a private adoption agency is a simpler procedure, but considering all your options before choosing an adoption is important.  

Should You Choose Nevada Adoption?

Adoption gets easier with more support, and choosing a private Nevada adoption will provide you with lasting support throughout your adoption process. This includes financial support along with any additional help that birth mothers may require. When you create an adoption place with your adoption counselor, you will be able to opt for financial support. What is adoption financial support? 

Above, we talked about a few different benefits of choosing a private Nevada adoption. As we mentioned, when you begin your adoption process with your counselor, you will be able to discuss any financial support you may need. This includes any living expenses like rent, utility bills, phone bills, groceries, and mental health support, and if needed, we will pay for your medical birth bills. 

Creating An Adoption Plan 

When you first meet with your adoption specialist, you will discuss your adoption plan. What exactly is an adoption plan? An adoption plan is a process that helps gather information and outlines the needs that the birth mother may require during her adoption process. This includes any of the financial support we listed above. Additionally, a part of creating an adoption plan is choosing the type of adoption. 

What Are The Three Adoption Types? 

When choosing adoption in Nevada, you will be presented with three different types of adoption and these adoption types are:  

1. Open Adoption 

Open adoption is a type of adoption that allows for direct contact between the birth mother, the child, and the adoptive parent. This includes contact information like phone numbers and email. 

2. Closed Adoption 

Closed adoption is when the birth mother wishes to not disclose any identifying information about herself.  

3. Semi-Open Adoption 

Semi-open adoption is when a birth mother’s case manager shares information with the adoptive family, like photos and letters, while keeping the birth mother’s identity private. 

Furthermore, birth mothers can choose the adoption family from a candidate list that fits their needs. This includes any religious, sexuality, background, and ethnicity requirements you may need. It is important for birth mothers to feel comfortable with their adoptive family, and sometimes, that means finding a family that shares their beliefs. However, this is optional if you do not want to choose an adoptive family. Adoption Choices of Nevada will choose the family for you. 

How is The Birth Father Involved In Nevada Adoption?

A common question that birth mothers ask is whether the birth father needs to know and permit the adoption. This is a difficult question to answer because it depends on your relationship with the birth father. Under Nevada adoption laws, birth fathers have rights. When you create your adoption plan, you and your specialist will discuss the father’s involvement in your life. Are you married? Did you and him live together for an extended period of time through the conception? 

He openly accepted the child as his? 

All this impacts the involvement that birth fathers have in adoption. It really depends on the type of relationship you have with him. If the father is not involved in your life or the child’s, more than likely, you won’t need his permission.  

The Adoption Process in Nevada

Adoption is a complicated, overwhelming process. Without support, it can be even more so. That is why it is important to consider all your options when choosing adoption. Remember, having a support network is crucial in adoption. Choosing Nevada adoption can help you with any legal, medical, or mental health needs you need if you are ready to begin your adoption journey. Adoption Choices of Nevada are here to help you. One last thing: remember you are not giving up your child- you are giving them a better life.