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All You Need to Know About National Adoption Month 

By Conner Sura

November is home to a lot of different holidays and causes. You have Thanksgiving, International Men’s Month, veterans’ Day, and so much more. But did you also know that November is also National Adoption Month? What is National Adoption Month? Because November hosts so many holidays, you might have never heard of National Adoption Month. Do not worry, Adoption Choices of Nevada will help you understand National Adoption Month and show you some ways you can celebrate it.  

If you are a birth mother with an unplanned pregnancy or are looking for additional adoption opportunities or adoption services, November is one of the best months to find adoption information and adoption resources. 

What is National Adoption Month? 

Although many people might associate November with just Veterans’ Day and Thanksgiving, the month hosts so many different holidays for many different causes, and of those, National Adoption Month is one of them. What exactly is National Adoption Month? 

National Adoption Month is a month when all things about adoption are celebrated and spoken about. How is National Adoption Month celebrated?  

Celebrating National Adoption in Nevada 

There are many different ways to celebrate National Adoption Month in Nevada:  

  1.  Raising awareness for other Birth Mothers 

If you are a birth mother who has experienced adoption before. You know how stressful the adoption process can be for new birth mothers. You could provide different resources for birth and help talk them through the process. 

  1. Sharing adoption stories 

One of the most beautiful things about adoption is giving a family a new love. If you are comfortable, you could share your adoption stories. This can be for birth mothers, adoptees, and adoptive families. Every story is important and valued. 

  1. Raising Adoption Awareness

Another way you can celebrate National Adoption Month is by raising adoption awareness. This includes dispelling any harmful adoption myths. Like birth mothers are selfish and all birth mothers who choose adoption are teenagers, homeless, or struggling with substances. 

When Did National Adoption Month Begin? 

National Adoption Month originally started in Massachusetts in 1976. Former governor Mike Dukakis wanted to promote awareness for birth mothers and adoptive families. He announced that the first week of November would be National Adoption Week. The movement soared in popularity, and more states started to participate, spreading ideas and values across the nation. Seeing the rapid increase in popularity of the movement, former president Gerald R. Ford in 1984 announced Adoption Week as a nationally recognized event. With states having trouble keeping all the events within a week. President Bill Clinton announced that National Adoption Week would be extended for a whole month. Thus, National Adoption Month was born.  

What Is Adoption? 

Adoption has been around for almost as long as humans have existed. We must talk about what adoption is when discussing National Adoption Month. Although adoption is widely known, many misconceptions and lies are just perpetuated. Adoption is when a birth mother is unable to take care of a child, maybe because of an unplanned pregnancy or other.

All adoption stories are unique. 

Additionally, adoption hosts a wide array of benefits for both the birth mother and the adoptive family. Let’s talk about the benefits for the birth mother, first. When a birth mother chooses adoption when she is creating her adoption plan, she will be able to opt for a free adoption counselor and any financial support she may require during her adoption process.

Adoption Financial support covers a wide array of items like medical bills, transportation, groceries and so much more. And if a birth mother is having difficulties finding a doctor to help with her pregnancy. We help find an affordable medical provider regardless of whether the birth mother wants to pursue adoption or not. Remember, adoption is not giving up your baby. It is a selfless and loving act that is incredibly painful to do. 

In addition, if you are looking to adopt. It is important to know that you will be able to receive the blessing of a new family member in your family. That you both will love and cherish. Which is also a loving and selfless act.  

No part of adoption is selfish. Adoption is all about giving a chance to new life and nothing could be any more selfless than that. 

The Importance of National Adoption Month 

We’ve spoken about how Adoption Month came to be and how it is celebrated nationwide. However, we still need to talk about just how important National Adoption Month is in the adoption landscape. Why is National Adoption Month so important? 

During November, different communities, people, and businesses will come together to help spread awareness and resources to those who need them. This can be incredibly helpful for birth mothers looking for adoption agencies that provide benefits they can choose from, including adoption counselors, support for an unplanned pregnancy, and local Nevada adoption agencies.  

In addition, you will also be able to learn more about the adoption process and the creation of an adoption plan. This can help birth mothers make the right and insightful decision when they choose adoption in Nevada.  

A Month All About Adoption 

November is a shining beacon in the adoption landscape. The month helps to provide many different resources for both birth mothers and adoptive families. It also helps to provide the right information about adoption that dispels the common adoption myths. National Adoption Month is so incredibly important and if you are a birth mother struggling with an unplanned pregnancy or are looking for adoption information. Please Contact Adoption Choices of Nevada, we are here to help and support you throughout your adoption process.