Am I a Bad Person for Not Wanting to Be a Parent?

By Charley Lustig

Your heart may skip seeing those double pink lines, a blue cross, or the word “pregnant’ on that thin stick. Immediately, you may imagine yourself up at 3 am with a crying baby, unsure of what to do. Anxiety courses through your veins, and sweat trickles down your forehead. You don’t want this baby right now, and that is ok!

Adoption Choices of Nevada specializes in aiding those with unplanned pregnancies who choose adoption and need support. We accommodate your location if you find yourself choosing adoption in Las Vegas or in Reno. Our resources ensure that you and your baby will be cared for. 

Why Place Your Baby Up For Adoption

To name every reason that someone has chosen adoption would be impossible. Everyone’s past, present, and future is what makes each unique- including you! With the extensive experience of Adoption Choices of Nevada, there are women that share similar motivations for pursuing adoption. 

Here are some common reasons birth mothers choose adoption:

  • Not wanting children
  • Financial instability
  • In the middle of continuing their education
  • Judgment from family and friends
  • History of family trauma 
  • Current abusive relationships
  • Struggling with addiction 
  • Hope for a better future for their baby

Adoption is a real choice to help women and their child in need of a better future. No matter the circumstance you find yourself in, our adoption agencies can help!

Am I a Bad Person for Choosing to Place My Baby for Adoption?

No! Choosing to give your baby up for adoption is a selfless act. Your body nurtures and protects that bundle in your stomach. During that journey, you endure the hardships that come with it. Then afterward, you fill that empty space only a child can fill for your chosen adoptive family. You are giving yourself and your baby a chance to live a more stable and fruitful life. 

Support and Guidance For Birth Mothers in Nevada

Having access to support groups and counseling can be a large determining factor for women considering adoption. Adoption can be both a rewarding and stressful decision. We at Adoption Choices of Nevada understand that adoption has significant impacts on birth mothers. Therefore, we compassionately offer a variety of services for women choosing adoption. 

Our adoption agencies provide support groups and counseling. When beginning your adoption process, you will be given a birth parent counselor. They will guide you on your journey. If you ever have questions or need someone to talk to, they are there for you. Your counselor can offer you advice on a variety of subjects. They have directed many birth mothers prior to you, and their experience gives them familiarity with a range of subjects. 

As said numerous times before, there are many women choosing adoption, just like you! It can feel like a very lonely process. You may not know anyone who has gone through this journey, leaving you feeling isolated. In order to provide you with a sense of reassurance in your decision, we offer support groups. These groups are filled with women like yourself that you might find you click with! You become a part of a community that sympathizes with and for you. It is a great way to get involved and meet friends! 

These services are offered throughout our adoption centers in the state of Nevada. So regardless if you are choosing adoption in Reno or adoption in Las Vegas, you can get help! 

Beginning your Adoption Adventure with Adoption Choices

If you feel any gravitation towards adoption, don’t hesitate to reach out to our agencies! We can offer you information in regard to creating an adoption plan and answer your questions. There is no obligation when reaching out to Adoption Choices of Nevada. Adoption is a life-changing decision, and you should be the ultimate decider. 

Life has a thing for throwing us some crazy curveballs- one of which can be pregnancy. Just because you find yourself with a baby doesn’t mean you have to step up to being a parent. Parenting is a lifelong commitment that requires a lot from a person. If you find yourself at a place in life where the time isn’t right or isn’t who you are, breathe. You are not a bad person for giving up a baby for adoption, and you are not alone. Take the steps to find out if adoption is for you.

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