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By Adoption Choices of Nevada

The Emotional Adoption Journey: Navigating the Spectrum of Feelings of Adoption

By Felix Miyago 

Are you a birth mother thinking, “I’m looking for someone to adopt my baby?” We at Adoption Choices of Nevada would like to extend a hand in helping you through the journey.  As trained professionals and experts in the field of adoption, we want to ensure you have a place providing appropriate services to help address your needs. 

Emotions and Feelings for Birth Mothers

The journey behind adoption is an emotional process and can be a challenging time for the birth mother. Before deciding on the option for child adoption, birth mothers steering through unplanned pregnancy is not an easy decision. With the choice of adoption, there is a range of feelings and unfamiliarity during the moment. Grief and depression are the two common emotions birth mothers deal with in navigating through the spectrum of feelings after adoption. 

The two emotions are similar, though there are some key distinctions and differences that set them apart from each other. 

There are tremendous amounts of emotions and feelings birth mothers may go through. Feeling grief contemplating whether adoption is a good idea or not. Grief is an emotion for the birth mother to feel a deep sorrow and deal with a great amount of distress. Depression is an emotion more complex than grief. It can be formed from grief and become a long period of never-ending sadness. A key distinction with depression is the tendency to isolate and feel a sense of disconnect from other people. 

Intervention and Finding Support for Birth Mothers 

The first step to overcoming the emotional process of adoption is seeking help. Adoption agencies in Nevada and Las Vegas have staff eager to help birth mothers find a sense of support. In addition, they’re equipped with current adoption info and experts in the field of adoption providing resources about local adoptions. Getting help is how you’ll be able to overcome complex emotions such as grief. 

There is no shame in the thought of putting your child up for adoption. For some, this decision isn’t a light decision and finding the next best option for the child is challenging. Birth mothers, there are adoption agencies in Nevada and Las Vegas. Our staff would like to help you address, “I want someone to adopt my baby” while providing a sense of family for them. 

Guidelines and the Process of Navigating

For birth mothers, when is it necessary or advised to consider seeking professional help? There is no right or wrong decision on when the best time to ask for help is. Rather there are guidelines to encourage you on whether it’s time to get additional support. It’s important to seek a support group, reach out to someone you trust, and professionally help you through the process. There are three signs to start becoming more keenly aware.  

  1. Re-emerging emotions after the adoption

It’s normal to feel emotions come back after a big decision. However, there are concerns when emotions keep replaying in your mind or you feel emotions from triggers. Take the time to notice when you’re experiencing emotions again. 

  1. Difficulty understanding the emotions

When an emotion is involved, distinguishing and identifying the emotion helps us understand the possible reason behind the reaction. It can be difficult to identify more than one emotion at a time. Understanding the emotion and its differences will help us observe which emotion is involved.

  1. There’s a false narrative

An event may replay in the mind over and over, but there are times when the narrative may change. If you notice the narrative keeps portraying a false character of yourself, sometimes it can be a result of guilt or grief. Even when a substantial amount of time passes, the narrative may affect how we may view ourselves. 

What if I don’t Experience Any Emotions or Feelings?

Not all birth mothers choosing adoption will experience a sense of grief or depression. Instead, the decision makes you feel happy and excited for what’s in store for you and your baby. As a birth mother, you made the right decision to ensure there was an adoption plan in place. And a reminder to feel confident in your choice. Choosing from a list of adoption agencies is the best option there is for your baby. 

Here at Adoption Choices of Nevada, we want every birth mother to feel happy and confident in their choice. We’re here to support you with resources such as Adoption Choices of Nevada, counseling, financial assistance, and post-placement support.  And provide you with up-to-date adoption info. adoption agencies