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Important Questions to Ask Yourself Before Considering Adoption

Think back to all the memorable decisions you’ve made in your life. Like the day you bought your first car, rented your first apartment or bought your first home. Now think back to just before these things happened. What questions did you ask yourself? Was there a lot of planning and research involved prior to that final decision?

Choosing to adopt a child is a monumental decision. Starting a family requires conversation and preparation, but is there a way to really know that you’re ready to be a parent? Here are some of the important questions to ask yourself before considering adoption:

Why do I Want to Adopt a Child?

If you’re ready to adopt a child, this question may be easy to answer. Perhaps you love children and you’re looking to expand your family. Or maybe you’re the type of person who has so much love in their heart, they can’t wait to share it with someone else.

Do I Have any Preferences?

Even though it may seem selfish, it’s okay to ask yourself if there’s a certain child that you’re ready to make a permanent part of your family. If not, you can ask yourself if there’s a specific age group that you prefer welcoming into your home, or whether or not you want to adopt a child with special needs. By answering these intimate questions, you’re simply making sure that you can share your love in the best way possible.

Am I Committed to Everything that Comes along with Adoption?

Parenthood can be a wonderful experience, but it is a huge responsibility. When you’re asking yourself if you’re ready to expand your family, you’ll want to consider things like your emotional and financial stability because you want things to work out. Making sure that you’re going to be able to be present and give your child the best life possible are just two more pieces of the puzzle.

Do I have a Reliable Support System?

Another one of the many important questions to ask yourself before considering adoption is whether or not you have a stable support system? Even if you prefer to keep your circle closely knit, having the support of your family and friends can only add to the joy of adopting a child. When things start to look gray, you’ll hopefully be able to count on your support system to help get you through; plus, when adoption day finally arrives you’ll all get to share in the moments together!

Do I have Enough Patience for This?

Adoption can be a lengthy process regardless of what type of agency you’re working with. As a result, it’s easy to become eager and impatient waiting on things to be finalized. In addition, patience is not just something you should practice during the adoption process. Having a child is a welcomed change when you’re ready. But if you’re not already a patient person, you may want to consider learning how to become more patient before your child comes home so that it doesn’t stress you both out.

Have You Experienced any Major Changes or Losses Recently?

Even though this may seem like an odd question, you’ll want to assess how your life has been the past few months. Have you or your family experienced any recent financial, medical or personal hardships? If so, how has that impacted your life and routine thus far? Adopting a child at a time when you or your family are going through a difficult time can make the process less enjoyable for you, and can even have negative effects on your child.

Choosing adoption through a private agency gives you the opportunity to work with people in your area that are dedicated to guiding you through the process. Also, public agencies often encourage you to find your own legal counsel, but they can provide you with a wealth of knowledge and community resources.

Are You Ready to be Completely Transparent with the Agency?

Do you remember the phrase, “honesty is the best policy”? The adoption process is no exception to this rule. It requires both you and the agency to be honest with one another. Sometimes, it may get overwhelming to answer several personal questions, but as long as you’re ready to share about your life, you’re one step closer to becoming an adoptive parent.

No Two Experiences are the Same

Some of these important questions to ask yourself before considering adoption may not need to be answered by everyone. Depending on if you’re a first-time parent, your answers may be different from others, and that’s okay. Even if you have to brave some storms along the way, staying committed to the love you have to give can help get you to the final adoption day.

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