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Melissa & Rich

Maire empathetically and patiently listened to and help communicate all of our hopes and requests of the birth and post birth process. We felt she was really there to support us as much as the birth mom. And we loved how supportive she was to our birth mom! “Grateful”...

Mike & Heather

Lainie and Maire were amazing to work with! The years of experience you all have in this business is priceless! Thanks to Faith for all your help during the post-placement process! You guys really are the real deal and we are eternally grateful for your passion,...

Michelle & Erik

Our favorite thing was the relationship we built with the social workers. It was a great experience working with them overall. We’re recommending your agency to others interested in adoption as well.

Todd & Michelle

We feel that Lainie was extremely helpful and supportive throughout our adoption process. Adoption is a nerve-wracking experience, but Lainie helped us tremendously throughout the process. We were thoroughly satisfied with the services provided

David & Kym

Even though we had a very positive experience with our birth parents, they chose to parent. Through the entire rollercoaster of ups and downs and all that our adoption entailed, Lainie was kind, supportive and professional. She was empathetic without being fake. We...

We are operating full service during this time and will not be shutting down operations. Please let us know how we can help.

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