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5 Amazing Benefits for Gestational Carriers

In these uncertain times, it can be difficult to focus on the positive. However, while we are in the midst of some pretty hectic stuff, we should always look at what silver linings there are.

If you’re reading this, you’re probably doing your research into how you can become a gestational carrier yourself. The benefits for intended parents are clear. Their family is growing and their lives are becoming more and more full. But what are the benefits for gestational carriers? The warriors who go through the ups and downs of pregnancy on behalf of others?

Benefits for Gestational Carriers

As we discussed in our previous blog, there are quite a few advantages for intended parents when growing their families through gestational surrogacy. This week, we’ll look at the benefits for gestational carriers.

1. Helping a Family Grow

This is, of course, one of the first things that comes to mind when you start looking into becoming a gestational carrier. It goes without saying that, without you, the gestational carrier, intended parents would not have the family they’ve always wanted. This is a huge realization in and of itself and is certainly not a decision that can be taken lightly.

As the gestational carrier, you are in a very special and unique position. You can help intended parents’ dreams come true by helping welcome them into the world of parenthood. With that in mind, you can expect a certain sense of pride and fulfillment to accompany you throughout your gestational journey. Helping a family grow is one of the amazing benefits for gestational carriers.

2. Creating a Lifelong Bond with the Intended Parents

From the moment you are officially matched, you’ll be working very closely alongside the intended parents. Not only will you be getting to know them, but you will also be establishing a relationship with them. A lifelong bond. For, depending on the legal agreement you make with them, you may get to spend time with the baby you carry for them.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that none of you will ever forget and another one of the benefits for gestational carriers. You will get to see firsthand how you are changing intended parents’ lives for the better – not to mention the smiles on their faces as you place their child in their arms for the first time.

3. Establishing Incredible Bonds with Other Gestational Carriers

Throughout your pregnancy journey, there are going to be ups and downs. Good days and bad. Perhaps, moments where you feel alone. Even if you have a strong support system and you get along great with the intended parents, you are the one carrying the child. This is a whole experience by itself. One where you may need to talk with someone who truly understands and is able to relate to you. So, where can you turn when you need that listening ear?

The Internet provides a plethora of options when it comes to support groups. If you are interested in attending one in your area, be sure to check out for gestational surrogacy groups in the Reno area. Don’t hesitate to speak with your doctor or fertility specialist and see if they have any recommendations as well.

Support groups for gestational carriers are a great place to find women who are in the same boat as you. Who can provide encouragement and comfort – anything you need. You may even find a place where you’re able to make lasting connections, too.

4. Having the Experience of Being Pregnant

Another one of the benefits for gestational carriers is the joy of being pregnant. That’s right. Women who choose to become gestational carriers love this aspect of the journey. In fact, it is part of the reason they are so happy to help intended parents grow their families. The feeling of growing a tiny person in your body is, by many accounts, one of the best feelings in the world.

If you feel the same way, but don’t want any more children of your own, gestational surrogacy is an amazing journey to consider. It’s actually not unusual for women who have grown their family to their preferred size to look towards gestational surrogacy in order to experience pregnancy again.

5. Reaping the Health Benefits

This goes for anyone who has had children before, really. There are some pretty surprising benefits that come with being pregnant and having carried a pregnancy successfully before. When you’re carrying a child, whether you’re a gestational carrier or not, you are pretty likely to start (or continue) healthy habits; choosing healthier meal options, getting in daily exercise, and having a daily intake of essential vitamins.

More surprising advantages to gestational carrying include, but are not limited to, a lessened risk of getting:

  • ovarian cancer
  • breast cancer

Performing such a sizable act of kindness, too, can do wonders for your mental health! It’s no secret that doing good for others does you good as well. In fact, an article from Psychology Today’s website states that acts of kindness can reduce stress and even reduce pain! Who knew?

Lasting Impressions

If you’re still having doubts or concerns, remember this: To the intended parents, you are a hero. You are their missing link to creating the family they’ve always dreamt of. So, if you’re having a rough time during your journey, don’t forget this.

Were there any pieces of information we glossed over? Was there anything new you learned? Please, leave a comment! Or, if you’re more interested in contacting us directly, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We are always happy to help in any way we can.

Be well, friends!

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