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By Adoption Choices of Nevada

Birth Father Misconceptions: Things People Get Wrong About Birth Fathers

By Kelly Paczkowski

Adoption itself has many stigmas attached to it. Even though today, people have been more educated on adoption and what it entails, the stigma surrounding it still leaves people with misinformation. People have many misconceptions about birth fathers when talking about adoption. While the ideals regarding the adoption process have changed, there are still some things that people do not realize about birth fathers in the process of putting their child for adoption. Here we will explain some of those birth father misconceptions.

1. Birth Fathers do not get a say in the adoption

Many people think that just because a birth mother has decided to place her child for adoption, the birth father does not play a role in the adoption process. That is not true. Even in Nevada, birth fathers need to be known and agree to the adoption process. That is why it is so important to tell your adoption agency in Nevada which the father is.  

If not, the adoption may be overturned. The birth father has the right to parent the child if he wishes and is deemed capable. If not, he must be notified of the adoption process. However, you might still be in a relationship with the birth father. If you are still with him, he can greatly support you during the adoption journey. 

2. Birth Fathers will sue for custody

Not all birth fathers feel ready to raise a child. However, if a child was placed for adoption and he had no knowledge of this, he may have the right to overturn the adoption. Again, this is why it is important to let your adoption agency know from the beginning.  

3. Birth Fathers are not involved with the birth mother

Many people still believe that the birth mother is a single parent who was left pregnant. That is not always the case. Relationships can be tricky, and that is okay. There is nothing to be embarrassed about in the state of your relationship with the birth father. Adoption Choices of Nevada will never judge you or your relationship. Most birth fathers have an ongoing relationship with the birth mother. Some are still involved in relationships and will go through the adoption process together.  

4. Birth Fathers do not want to be involved with the child

Just like birth mothers, birth fathers care about their children. Depending on the types of adoption chosen, open, semi-open, or closed, birth fathers may be able to keep in contact with their baby. Whether in an open adoption where they may have visited or in a semi-open adoption where they may exchange letters. Either way, the option to have ongoing communication between the birth father and adoptive family is still an option.  

5. Birth Fathers do not love their child

Many people think that because birth fathers do not have as close of a connection to the pregnancy and birth, they do not love or care for their child.

This could not be farther from the truth. Just because a birth father chooses adoption in Nevada for their child does not mean they do not love or care about them. They may realize that being a father at that moment in their life does not work out. Like any parent, birth fathers love their child and only want what is best for them.

Birth Father’s Role Despite Birth Father Misconceptions

The birth father’s role continues to contain misconceptions and stigmas. However, each birth father is different. Some want to be fully involved in the process. Some want little to no involvement. Just like birth mothers, there is a large variety of personalities.  

It is normal to have questions and concerns regarding the adoption process. An adoption agency in Nevada will be able to answer not only your birth father’s questions but any questions you may have about putting your child up for adoption.

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