Birth Father Roles and Responsibilities in Reno Adoption

By Charley Lustig

Are you the birth father considering adoption in Nevada? Do you want to be involved in the adoption process? If you answered “yes” to both of those questions…Great! Allow us to walk you through some common birth father roles and responsibilities that many others have throughout this journey. 

We at Adoption Choices of Nevada could not be more proud of you for stepping to the plate. Our adoption agencies specialize in pregnancy adoption and help in our focus on birth parents and babies. When you choose to become involved, this can be a great form of support for these two. Not only will the birth mother not be alone, but you can be a part of your child’s future. 

So where do you begin as a birth father? Let’s get into it! 

Be in Agreement with the Birth Mother

Regardless of the history between you and the birth mother, it is important to communicate. It is ok if neither of you is ready or wants to raise this baby. But be sure to voice your concerns and discuss options.

Remember to be empathetic to the birth mother. While you may be able to resume life as if nothing has happened, she is constantly changing physically and emotionally. It is important to listen to her and offer support.

You may not know if adoption is the right choice for you both. Maybe you are unsure of what exactly happens in the adoption process and after. At Adoption Choices of Nevada, we want you to fully understand adoption and make the right decision for you. Therefore, we are more than willing to answer any questions and discuss more in detail through our adoption specialists. 

If you and the birth mother decide adoption is best for you, her, and the baby, what’s next?

Create an Adoption Plan

An adoption plan is a way to map out all that the baby and birth parents’ needs are being met. This will take root in a meeting among you, the birth mother, and the adoption specialist. 

This may include the birth mother’s resources regarding housing, medical expenses, and transportation. If the birth mother is struggling in any of these categories, it is dire that she is compensated. As the birth father, you may take on the role of helping to provide for both the baby and the birth mother. If you are able to help, ask the birth mother if this is something she is comfortable with. 

In addition, you will discuss the type of adoption, the birth plan, and the adoptive family profiles.  

There are three types of adoption…

  • Open 
  • Semi-Open
  • Closed

Based on the preferences of you and the birth mother, you both will decide what is best for your situation. At Adoption Choices of Nevada, we suggest an open adoption. This will provide the birth parents flexibility in communicating with their child in the future. We have also found that it helps birth parents better handle loss and grief. 

But the planning doesn’t end there. The birth mother must decide where and how she plans to give birth. In any case, it is essential to communicate about your presence on that day. Discuss what looks like support to her and your desires, like spending time with the baby before the final paperwork. Join forces in creating a plan that suits you both. 

Together you must also decide on the adoptive family. Consider how you both want this child to be raised and who you believe can do it. We offer many adoptive family profiles and will continue searching until you and the birth mother are satisfied. 

Find Support Through Adoption Counseling 

Giving up your baby for adoption is not something to take lightly. Even if it is the right decision for you and the birth mother, you both may have some emotional turmoil. Through years of experience, we know firsthand that adoption can be a grueling task. This is why we offer counseling and support groups for our birth parents. 

Throughout the birth mother’s journey, she will be working through a storm of emotions. This can be a combination of all the bodily changes, hormones, and reality of the current situation. It is important that you, as the birth father, are there for her in these times of trial. Keep in mind she is making a huge sacrifice. 

If you see her struggling through the process, suggest to her our forms of counseling. Maybe she would like you to join her, or she might just need a ride. At the same time, do not neglect your own emotions. This support is at the disposal of many birth fathers as well. At Adoption Choices of Nevada, we want to help birth parents feel strong as they are. 

Get Involved as a Birth Father in Nevada

If you are a birth father considering adoption in Reno, reach out to Adoption Choices of Nevada. There is no obligation to contact us. We want to make sure you have all the information necessary to make a decision. 

If you and the birth mother are able to communicate in a healthy manner, talk to her about the possibility of adoption. Be there to let her know that you both are not alone in this journey. Many birth parents choose adoption in Nevada. It is a real choice when faced with an unplanned pregnancy. 

As the birth father, you have every right to have a say in giving up a child for adoption. This child is a part of you. You have the responsibility to ensure the well-being and future of your baby. Overall, it is important to care for yourself, support the birth mother, and set your child up for success. 

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