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By Adoption Choices of Nevada

Birth Mother Support in Reno After an Adoption Placement

By Jordan Smith

If you are a woman and seeking information about what support is provided after the adoption process, here is that information. Adoption Choices of Nevada finds that birth mothers should have this information and be equipped with the knowledge in advance. 

That way, when giving a baby up for adoption, you’ll have an idea of what resources you may need and what support you’ll want post-placement.

What are the Three Major Support Factors Provided to Birth Mothers?  

1. Transportation and Housing During the Adoption Process

Adoption Choices of Nevada offers birth mothers applicable transportation and assists in finding affordable housing. These resources are all based on your eligibility, and our adoption specialists can assist you with these. 

If you need assistance with transportation, then it can be used for but not limited to, medical and prenatal appointments, etc. Depending on what the event is, your adoption specialist can help. Housing is established the same way as transportation, and you will have support and guidance along the way.

2. Financial Expenses

Financial expenses can be an issue for some birth mothers in making their ends meet every month. Adoption Choices of Nevada assists with monthly rent and other bills to help birth mothers who do not have the funds. This resource is also like housing and transportation, being based on eligibility. Your counselor will assist you in establishing what financial assistance you may need and will take the proper steps to get the funds processed. 

Going through an unexpected pregnancy is stressful, and this is why we help birth mothers in areas that make them somewhat unstable and unsafe. With safe housing and reliable transportation, you can rest assured post-placement. Same with financial assistance, with our help, it is one less burden placed on the birth mother to make ends meet.

3. Birth Mother Support

Our private adoption agencies have adoption specialists who will not only be guiding and helping you along your adoption journey. They also provide birth mothers with support to help with any of the negative emotions that come with the experience of adoption. Adoption Choices of Nevada understands the emotional baggage giving up a child for adoption brings. This is why we have our counselors support you and never judge your decisions. 

Adoption Choices of Nevada has a great staff, and with our no coercion policy, birth mothers can have clarity of a positive adoption experience. We take pride in helping birthmothers through such a vulnerable time as this and in making sure you have all the necessary information about the options you may have. Post-placement assistance does not end after the baby’s birth. Instead, these resources you can get up to 6 months afterward. 

Adoption Choices of Nevada Offers Support to All Birth Mothers

With Reno adoption, the many resources that are offered here at Adoption Choices of Nevada are all to help birth mothers. Some birth mothers cannot afford housing by themselves, and having our additional assistance really goes a long way. Transportation is another thing that many birth mothers may have a dilemma with, and that is why we offer this as well. Finances can be strenuous for some, even before knowing about an unplanned pregnancy. To have assistance with rent and other monthly bills is to also help birth mothers when they can’t afford them. 

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