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Birth Mothers and the Nevada Adoption Triad

Birth Mothers and the Nevada Adoption Triad

If you are a birth mother considering adoption, it is important to learn about the meaning behind the adoption triad, the symbol for adoption. Many people are not aware of what the Adoption Triad is or what it stands for. You may be wondering what the different parts of the Adoption Triad are? Where do birth mothers fit into the symbol? Adoption Choices of Nevada is here to tell you everything you need to know about birth mothers and the Nevada Adoption Triad.

Birth Parents

The first part of the adoption triad we are going to talk about is the birth parents. Birth mothers, this is where you fit into the Adoption Triad. You are an integral part of an adoption family story. Without you, there would be no story.

You begin this story by choosing adoption for your child. Birth mothers come from all different walks of life and have many different reasons for choosing adoption. Sometimes the birth fathers are involved in the adoption process, and sometimes they are not. But all birth mothers make a selfless decision to give their child a life different than what that they could give them.

Birth parents are an important part of the adoption family story and should not be left out of the narrative.

Adoptive Parents

The adoptive parents are the second part of the adoption triad that we are going to talk about. The adoptive parents are an integral part of an adoption family story and will be a key part of your adoption journey as a birth mother.

Just like with birth mothers, adoptive parents choose adoption for different reasons and there are many different types of couples or individuals who choose to adopt a child. These types can be single parents, members of the LGBT community, couples who struggle with infertility, or couples who have always wanted to adopt a child.

Whatever the type of adoptive parent or whatever reasons they have for choosing adoption, their choice stems from a desire to cherish and love a child and to form a family.

As a birth mother, you have the option to choose the adoptive family if you so desire. Adoption Choices of Nevada will work with you to find an adoptive family for your baby. Your relationship with the adoptive parents varies depending on the type of adoption you choose. If you choose an open or semi-open adoption, you will have more contact with the family after the adoption process. If the adoption is closed, you will not have contact with the adoptive family.

Regardless of the type of adoption you choose, the adoptive parents are the people that will have legal custody of your child. They will be in charge of raising your child, teaching him or her values, providing schooling, and covering your child’s financial and emotional needs.

The Adoptee

The last part of the adoption triad to talk about is the top of the triangle: the adoptee. As birth mothers, your reason for choosing adoption for your child stems from love. Even though choosing adoption for your child means that you will not raise him or her, you gave your child the chance at having a family that will love and cherish your child.

Being an adoptive child does not come without its trials and questions, but in the end, you made the best decision for your child. No matter what, your adoptive child will have two groups of people that love them: You and the adoptive family.

As a birth mother, your relationship with your child varies depending on the type of adoption you choose. If you choose an open adoption, your paths may cross again. You could have contact or even meet your child in the future. If you choose a closed adoption, you will not have contact with your child, but you still will always be part of their adoption story.

Birth mothers begin the adoption narrative for an adoptee. This is why your adopted child will always be connected to you. Birth mothers give adoptees life and a chance at a better one.

How are Birth Mothers a Part of the Nevada Adoption Triad?

Birth mothers are an integral part of the adoption triad. If you consider the adoption triad as a symbol of an adoption family story, birth mothers are chapter one. Their selfless love for their child sparks the decision to choose adoption for their child, and the adoption journey begins.

The adoption triad is a symbol of love that connects those from different worlds to create a strong and beautiful family. Birth mothers, adoptive parents, and adoptees will always be connected in this triad.

Are you ready to learn more about birth mothers’ role in the adoption journey?

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