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Birth Parent Questions For An Adoption Agency

There are a lot of moving parts in the adoption journey for both the birth parents and the adoptive families. As a pregnant woman, if you’re wondering, ‘What happens when I put my baby up for adoption,’ we would love to help answer all your birth parent questions. If you’re pregnant and considering adoption in Las Vegas area, contact us at  Adoption Choices of Nevada. Unsure what to ask? We’ve got that covered too. With so much information floating around out there about adoption and the adoption process, it’s hard to wade through all at once. Below are a few common questions we get from birth parents.

Is Adoption In Las Vegas Safe?

Yes! We pride ourselves in processing all adoptions the proper legal way to ensure you feel that you’ve placed your baby in the hands of a family who will love and care for them as their own. All prospective adoptive families are thoroughly vetted during the initial application process. This includes a background check and a home visit at random.

Some adoptive families become foster parents first in order to establish a positive record with adoption agencies. When families care for foster children, there are home visits too. By substantiating they are fitted for parenthood, their application to become adoptive parents goes much more smoothly. During the interview process, you will be able to ask the adoptive family questions about their experience as foster parents and how they go about their parenting style to see if they are a good match for what you want your child’s home life to be.

Even if the prospective adoptive family hasn’t acted as foster parents, many adoptive families take classes to be prepared for adopting an infant. They are able to meet other adoptive families, speak to professionals, and really get a feel of what adopting a child will be like. There are a lot of requirements and steps to be eligible to adopt, including being put on a waitlist. No prospective adoptive families are in this process halfheartedly.

Who Decides Who Will Adopt My Baby?

NV adoption help gives the birth parents full control. This means you or you and the baby’s father will decide on the type of adoption, the type of birth, and what specifications you require of the adoptive family. Creating an adoption plan is one of the most important steps. It outlines every detail from start to finish.

When you are on the step of choosing the adoptive family, you will have a variety of ways to get to know them. Some adoptive families provide parent books, handmade books that give details about their lives and families. These books are a great way to get to know them through pictures, letters, and other personal items the adoptive parents feel is important. Interviews can be conducted over the phone, in person, or virtually depending on what you want.

Creating an outline of requirements for the adoptive family is a good way to help your adoption professional select families that are a good potential match based upon your criteria. This can include their location, political affiliation, religion, and anything else important. You are deciding your child’s future. Every little detail you believe is significant should be included.

Will I Have Contact After Placement?

There are three types of adoption to choose from, open adoption, semi-open adoption, and closed adoption. There is communication between yourself, your child, and the adoptive family with open and semi-open adoption. However, in semi-open adoption, communication is given through a third party. Usually, the adoption agency you have gone through. This means any letters, phone calls, or photos are facilitated through your adoption professional.

In an open adoption, you are able to implement any type of communication you desire. This, of course, is placed in your adoption plan. Families who are happy and willing to participate in an open adoption will be selected to be interviewed as prospective adoptive parents. Communication can come in the form of in-person time, phone calls, and letters. Some families spend time with the birth parents during the holidays or birthdays. Again, you are in full control. If you envision a specific form of communication, be sure to put it in your Nevada adoption plan.

Birth Parent Questions and the Las Vegas Adoption Process

Do you still have birth parent questions about the Nevada adoption process? Feel free to shoot us an email or call us at  Adoption Choices of Nevada. We would love to help you in any way we can, whether that’s relaying information or becoming a network of support during your pregnancy. 

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