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Can I Change My Mind about Adoption as a Birth Mother?

Can I Change My Mind about Adoption as a Birth Mother?

The journey of adoption can be this terrifying thing to think about. There are so many “what ifs” and “did I make the right choice here?” that things can get overwhelming. The first step here is to breathe, take in a deep breath, and just sit for a short while. If you have a million thoughts swirling in your head, you cannot make a decision. 

At Adoption Choices of Nevada, we strive to be honest with you and the adoptive families we work with. This leads to one of the biggest questions and fears when it comes to adoption as a whole. Can you change your mind about adoption? 

Different States have Different Laws about Adoption 

The short answer to that question is yes. A birth mother can change her mind about adoption at any point in the pregnancy. This means if you end up finding a way or you want to raise your child, you can back out of your adoption plan. No one is going to force you to stay on the track to adoption if you change your mind. 

However, in most states, you have 24-72 hours after the birth of your child to change your mind before you sign the termination of parental rights. Your adoption caseworker will go over all this information with you and let you know the laws of your state. 

Questions to Ask before Changing Your Mind about Adoption

This is a very tough choice. No matter where you are, making the decision to go through with adoption is one of the hardest choices to make. With this kind of process, it is easy for seeds of doubt or worry to come to mind. They are perfectly natural to come to mind too. Most birth mothers have a moment of doubt, and this is where you need to talk to your support team. 

It is important to remember that no matter what you choose, no one is going to judge you. If adoption isn’t right for you, then it isn’t right for you. The goal at Adoption Choices of Nevada isn’t to force anyone to go through with an adoption. We are here for you if you want us to be, and if you change your mind, then we will understand and help you figure out your next step. 

Here are some questions to ask yourself during these times of doubt about adoption: 

  • Can you do what you want to do with a baby? 
  • Are you financially able to raise a baby right now and for the future? 
  • Do you have reliable support to help you with your baby? 
  • Would your place of work be understanding about you having a newborn? 
  • Do you have the time to raise a baby and do what you need to do? 
  • Are you feeling pressured to raise your baby? 

These are just some questions to ask yourself. If you are having doubts about adoption being the right choice for you and your baby, look for a birth mother support group. There are many on Facebook and other social media sites you can join. The best advice often comes from people who have walked in your shoes. While every adoption story is different, and every birth mother’s journey is unique, they can offer you words of wisdom. Sometimes doubt can be erased when you listen to other people’s stories. 

Changing Your Mind about Adoption

If you have answered the questions and know for a fact that you can do this, then talk to your adoption caseworker. They will make the transition from choosing adoption to raising your child as seamless as possible. It really is that simple, and no one is going to fault you for changing your mind. 

You’re pregnant, your emotions are scattered, but the one thing we know for sure is that you love your baby no matter what choice you make. Adoption is hard, and it is a choice that isn’t suited for everyone. That’s okay. 

Can You Change Your Mind about Adoption

If you are in a place where you feel you can raise your baby and do what you want, then you reserve the right to change your mind about adoption as a birth mother. The choice is always going to be up to you during your pregnancy. Once you’ve signed away your parental rights and the adoption has been finalized in court, you can’t change your mind. So, it’s important to carefully consider your options and what you’re capable of before getting too far into the adoption journey.

Remember to breathe and make sure you talk everything out with your support team.  

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