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Can I Choose Adoption Without My Boyfriend’s Consent in Nevada?

Can I Choose Adoption Without My Boyfriend’s Consent in Nevada?

After discovering you are facing an unplanned pregnancy, you carefully consider all your pregnancy options to determine which will offer you and your baby the best outcomes. You weigh the pros and cons of each option, and you ultimately decide that adoption is the best route for you. Maybe you aren’t ready to be a parent, but you still want to have a relationship with the child. Perhaps adoption is the best option for you to get back on your feet as you give your baby a chance at life with a family that will love and care for him or her. You may feel that adoption offers you the best hope of healing from your unplanned pregnancy experience and reducing the amount of regret you may feel. 

Although you are eager to jumpstart your adoption journey, you encounter an obstacle: your boyfriend will not consent to the adoption. You might start to worry about whether you can choose adoption without your boyfriend’s consent. While this might seem like a difficult situation to navigate, Adoption Choices of Nevada wants you to know that this does not have to mark the end of your adoption journey. However, we want you to be aware of factors that can complicate your adoption journey so you can be prepared when taking the necessary steps to achieve your adoption goals. 

What are My Boyfriend’s Rights if I am Putting up the Baby for Adoption in Nevada?

Before you can proceed with the adoption process, you first need to understand that your boyfriend has certain rights if he is your child’s biological father. In the state of Nevada, a man who is not married to a woman but claims to be the father of her child is required to prove that he is the child’s biological father. This can be done through a standard DNA test. If genetic testing proves that he is the father, then he has parental rights to your child and must consent to the relinquishment of these rights for the adoption to proceed. He is entitled to relinquish his parental rights at any point during the pregnancy. He also has the right to petition for custody of the child if he does not consent to the adoption and his parental rights are not terminated. 

How Can I Give up the Baby for Adoption in Nevada if My Boyfriend doesn’t Consent?

Even though the birth father must consent to the adoption, there are circumstances in which a court can terminate his parental rights. The court may determine that he is unfit for parenthood if any of the following applies to him:

  • He is reasonably deemed incapable of providing basic care of the child due to emotional or mental illness
  • He abuses alcohol or drugs to the point where he can’t adequately care for a child
  • He commits a felony that would sufficiently show his inability to care for a child, or
  • He can’t be reached despite adequate efforts of the adoption agency to locate him

Once the court terminates your boyfriend’s rights, you will no longer require his consent to proceed with the adoption. The court will only terminate the birth father’s parental rights if it believes it to be in the best interests of the child. 

Can Adoption Agencies in Nevada Help Me Pursue Adoption without My Boyfriend’s Consent?

If you and your boyfriend disagree over whether you should place the baby for adoption, you will need legal representation to protect your interests and find a way to resolve the situation as smoothly as possible. If you work with Adoption Choices of Nevada, we will help you find a high-quality attorney who will represent your best interests and keep you informed every step of the way. Our legal team can also be a wonderful resource for you to find out important information regarding your rights and responsibilities during the adoption process. 

How will I Proceed with Adoption without My Boyfriend’s Consent?

Navigating the adoption process without the support of your partner may be challenging, but it is not impossible to overcome. By being proactive in finding legal representation dedicated to protecting your interests, you have a better chance of achieving your adoption goals. If your boyfriend is not supportive of your choice to pursue adoption, Adoption Choices of Nevada can be a source of invaluable information and counseling to help you get through your adoption journey. Whether you are seeking out emotional support or legal guidance, we will make sure your needs are met. 

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