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Can I Find A Family for My Baby During the Holiday Season? 

By Megan Kostraba

The holiday season is stressful enough on its own. Adding a pregnancy and subsequent adoption plan, however, can be even more stressful. As the holiday season continues to approach, some birth mothers may find themselves feeling extra pressure. Even those who are pregnant might be grappling with the mixed emotions and concerns that arise with the holidays. 

The thought of placing a child for adoption, specifically during the holidays, can be very overbearing. Women can feel incredibly worried and concerned about how to put up their child for adoption during this time frame. While the holidays are supposed to be a joyous time, they also mean more money and spending, and this can be another element of stress. 

Being pregnant and choosing adoption, all during the holidays, is no easy feat. We want to assure women considering adoption that private adoption agencies and, overall, adoption in Nevada are ready to help! At Adoption Choices of Nevada, we are committed to helping women and birth mothers throughout the adoption process, no matter the time of year. As an adoption agency, we want to help dispel your concerns and emphasize our unwavering support for your adoption! 

The Adoption Process in Nevada 

Choosing adoption, in general, is always a stressful period. Considering adoption for your child means thinking long and hard about your choice. It also takes a lot of self-reflection, as you have to decide if adoption is the best choice for yourself and your child. Choosing adoption can be frustrating, intimidating, and overwhelming. The holiday season can magnify these feelings, also adding emotions like anxiousness and isolation. 

When you have made your decision and want to learn more about the adoption process, you can reach out to adoption agencies in Nevada! Adoption agencies, like Adoption Choices of Nevada, are open to help guide you during the process. When you work with an agency, you can expect to work with an adoption specialist. This is a professional dedicated to helping you on your journey! Your adoption Las Vegas specialist will work with you to make sure that your adoption plan is what you want. Your thoughts, concerns, wishes, and worries will all be taken into consideration. With your adoption specialist, you can make many decisions about the steps your adoption will take. For example, if you’d like an open adoption, or a closed on, or who you want in the hospital room with you. 

Feeling Holiday Stress During Your Adoption  

Working with an adoption agency can help reduce your stress, but every birth mother will still go through many emotions during an unplanned pregnancy. Feelings of guilt, relief, loss, and grief will occur during the adoption, and might even feel heightened during the holidays. While we want to ensure our unwavering support for all of our birth mothers, sometimes more help is needed—and that’s okay! 

Seeking out other help is an integral part of the adoption process. Most adoption Las Vegas agencies will offer a form of help for struggling birth mothers. This is typically referred to as adoption counseling, which is available even during the holidays for families facing adoption! With an adoption counselor, birth mothers can help express their different feelings and have some help in understanding why they feel those things. 

Navigating your own emotions and feelings during adoption is very difficult, especially on your own. There are other forms of counseling for birth mothers, too. Reaching out to adoption support groups is a great option, as well as seeking professional help. Talking about this with your adoption counselor is a good idea, as they can help you lay out all of your options. Then, you can pick the choice that is best for yourself and your child!

Considering Adoption for Your Child 

While the holiday season might seem like an unusual time to place a child for adoption, Adoption Choices of Nevada has a team of people to make it happen! We have a network of supportive adoptive families who are ready to welcome a new child to their family. We share the same goal—finding a loving and caring home for your baby, and it can happen even during the holidays. 

If you have any questions about adoption during the holidays or are considering adoption, reach out to Adoption Choices of Nevada. Together, we can find a loving adoptive family and home for your child.